Atlanta Asst. Director Fired After Filming Innocent Women on Set

Kevin Thomas Roy, the assistant director and production assistant to many of Hollywood's biggest movies was fired.

Kevin Thomas Roy, a Hollywood production assistant and assistant director was fired from set of the movie 'Allegiant' after news surfaced that he had pleaded no contest to invasion-of privacy charges related to secretly taking photos of nude women, according to Jezebel. Project Casting reported on the assistant director last month after it was revealed that he took over 400 images of women changing and using the bathroom. Many of these photos were taken of actresses and film crew members on film sets without their knowledge.

Lionsgate Films dismissed Roy after Allegiant cast and crew members began circulating the details of the voyeurism case that had been documented on Jezebel.

To add insult to injury, production staff told crew members that they would be suspended if they mentioned Kevin's previous legal trouble.

“He just kept on telling people that his ex-wife found a porn stash on his computer and that it was no big deal,” one stand-in from the Allegiant set told Jezebel the day after the story and a copy of Roy’s search warrant were published. “Lots of people on set believed that he didn’t do anything wrong and we were warned by production staff not to discuss it. Mentioning Kevin would get you suspended. So we decided to print out the article, and the warrant and distribute it on set since production staff wasn’t doing anything about it.”

But, two days after the article went viral, Lionsgate PR revealed that he "will not be returning to set."

Investigators learned about Roy's hard drives full of naked women after his ex-wife discovered them. The hard drive contained evidence pointing to over 100 instances of criminal behavior, but the Los Angeles District Attorney charged Roy with two counts of misdemeanor invasion of privacy for secretly filming two models last summer.

According to reports, here is the full list of sets he worked on the last few years.

Other cities in California (We Bought a Zoo, Seven Psychopaths, Blades of Glory)

Colorado (The Lone Ranger)

Georgia (Insurgent, Allegiant)

Massachusetts, (RIPD)

Louisiana (Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides)

Florida (Ride Along 2)

Maryland (Body of Lies)

New Mexico (The Lone Ranger)

Washington, D.C. (Body of Lies)

Utah (The Lone Ranger)

Puerto Rico (Rum Diary)

Morocco (Rendition).

Roy posted his version of the story on Facebook on July 18th after the story surfaced. Here is what he has to say:

Ok, tough morning. After 9 years with an abusive woman (who I didn’t even realize was abusive until I left her and realized I was finally happy for real) my ex told me, “I will ruin your career because I don’t want you in the same industry as me.” I figured it was more of the hurtful mind game she always played with me and didn’t take it as seriously as I should’ve. Sine January when she had me arrested while staying at friend’s house in Los Angeles for “hiding camera in air vents that I could monitor over the internet” (none of which existed but they arrested me anyway) I’ve taken it more seriously and have had a tough and depressing months with friendships, my career, and my life. The hope is always that this will go away but this morning the paparazzi she sent to my court hearing last month posted an article in the Friday story dump which I’ve attached below. Unfortunately the article is based on conjecture and pretty damaging. In an effort to get ahead of it I’m positing here for all of you to read if you so choose. it’s pretty horrible and gasp worthy but isn’t that the point of news articles? My hope is that those of you who know will see through it and this massive speed bump will go away and stop affecting my life. I’ve already wasted 9 years with her abuse. I’m really anxious to keep moving on with my life if she can’t with hers. My email and phone number is on my facebook so feel free to email me or text me or facebook me any questions about what really took place the last few months. Just bear with me because it’s been a crazy morning already with phone calls etc and I’m tired of dealing with this. In other words you may get a cut /paste reply and I apologize ahead of time for that. Love you guys.

Several women who worked with Roy contacted Jezebel leaking private text messages between them and the production assistant. Roy offered several women to stay at his guest house or if he could have a private photo shoot with them.

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