Entertainment NewsAnticipated Horror Sequel Smile 2 Releases First Teaser Trailer: All You Need...

Anticipated Horror Sequel Smile 2 Releases First Teaser Trailer: All You Need To Know


Key Takeaways:

– Smile 2, the sequel to Parker Finn's 2022 film, is set for an October 18th theatrical release.
– The first teaser has been released.
– The film revolves around a pop named Skye Riley, played by Naomi Scott.
– The viral marketing included the release of a new single, “Blood on White Satin.”
– Smile 2 is produced by Temple Hill Productions and also features Lukas Gage, Rosemarie DeWitt, Dylan Gelula, Raúl Castillo, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, and Kyle Gallner.

Hey there, buffs! Exciting news in the horror film world: Parker Finn's sequel to his 2022 film, Smile, is set to hit theaters on October 18th, and we've just gotten a peek at the first teaser trailer for Smile 2!

Who's Ready for a New Horror Star?

Smile 2 follows a new character named Skye Riley, a popstar played by none other than Naomi Scott. Yes! The same Naomi Scott we all loved in Aladdin and Charlie's Angels. This intriguing plot twist was first shared at the CinemaCon event in April. The vibe seems to be similar to a Taylor Swift-style mega-star who, unfortunately, becomes entangled in the horrifying curse of Smile.

A Symbol of Stardom

The sequel appears to have upped the ante with a bigger budget, a slicker look, and even broader scope – which only means more chills for us! And it's not just about a pop star being cursed; there's a particularly spooky scene where a crowd of , all smiling creepily, chase Naomi Scott backstage. Talk about a chilling metaphor for fame!

A Flashback to the Original

For those needing a refresher, Smile is somewhat of a sequel to Parker Finn's short film Laura Hasn't Slept. This short movie scored big at the Festival's Midnight Short category, earning the Special Jury Recognition Prize. In Smile, we met Dr. Rose Cotter played by Sosie Bacon, who faces a of frightening, inexplicable occurrences after witnessing a traumatic incident with a patient.

Smile 2 Synopsis

In Smile 2, as global pop sensation Skye Riley (Naomi Scott) gets ready to start her world tour, she starts experiencing increasingly terrifying and unexplainable . With the mounting terror and fame's pressures, Skye must confront her dark past before her life spirals completely out of control.

Not Just a One-Woman Show

Smile 2's production is the combined effort of Temple Hill and a star-studded cast. Apart from Scott, the film features Lukas Gage from The White Lotus and You, Rosemarie DeWitt from La La Land and the Poltergeist remake, Dylan Gelula from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Dream Scenario, Raúl Castillo from Army of the Dead and Knives Out, and Miles Gutierrez-Riley from The Wilds and On The Come Up, and Kyle Gallner from Red State.

Scope Out the Trailer, Join the Discussion

So, what's your take on the Smile 2 teaser trailer? Will you snag tickets to catch this on the big screen this October? Don't keep your thoughts to yourself – let us know in the comments!

Remember: Smile 2, a Paramount Pictures production by Parker Finn, is set to make us grin (and shriek) in theatres from October 18th. So mark your calendars, horror fans!

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