'Annabelle' Movie Banned from French Theaters After Riots

The hit movie 'Annabelle' was removed from French theaters after riots

The new Annabelle movie is so scary the feature film was removed from French movie theaters following riots. Read more: On-Screen Text Messaging is the Future of Movie Theaters Annabelle was one of the most highly anticipated horror movies of 2014. But, movie theaters in France have reported people rioting during the screenings, causing the movie to be banned from cinemas. According to reports, Marseille, Strasbourg, and Montpellier were getting thousands of teenagers showing for a 450 seat movie theater to see "Annabelle" and proceeded to tear up seats and riot during the movie. Read more: Google Glass Banned from UK Movie Theaters “Some didn’t have the most elementary notion of how to behave,” theater owner Didier Tarizzo told The Times. “They were throwing popcorn and talking at the top of their voices or walking round. It’s not up to me to teach young people how to respect the law. What worried me was that a cinemagoer irritated by all the noise could have had a go at an adolescent.” The true story behind the doll centers around a mother who purchased an antique Ragged Ann Doll from a hobby store. The doll was a present for her daughter Donna. A few days later very strange and creepy things started to happen. The doll appeared to move on its own. Donna would find the doll in a completely different room from which they had left it. Annabelle~~element218 Eventually, the family discovered the doll was possessed by a demon after it started harming those in the apartment. A family stepped in and secured the doll in a case to prevent Annabelle from harming anyone. Read more: Why the Movie Ratings System Sucks [Video> Whether you believe in paranormal activities or not, it seems like Annabelle has worked her evil magic on many people and caused riots in the French cinemas. Annabelle What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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