'American Horror Story': What It Was Like Filming a Sex Scene with Lady Gaga

'American Horror Story: Hotel's leading actress Lady Gaga was a pro on set even during one of the most intense sex scenes in history.

Entertainment Weekly got the opportunity to spend several days on set, and had exclusive access to sexy and intense scenes. One particular scene involves a foursome with Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer's characters and two other characters. According to the report, as the scene climaxes several characters get their throats cut and Lady Gaga ends up drinking their blood. Apparently, Lady Gaga is a vampire this season. This piece also sheds light on what it is like working with Lady Gaga. We have already heard amazing reviews from Ryan Murphy and several cast members but, it seems as though Gaga becomes a full method actress.
“You write a foursome for her and you expect a lot of questions. She never did that. She showed up and she was wearing diamond pasties, a Band-Aid on her hoo-ha, heels, and a black veil that Alexander McQueen made for her on the day before his death. Case in point: Her presence attracts a visit from John Travolta, who is shooting Murphy’s miniseries American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson next door. Still in costume as defense attorney Robert Shapiro, Travolta hugs Gaga, who’s in a robe and diamond pasties, and they launch into a conversation about Travolta’s good pal Barbra Streisand.
Things seem pretty intense on set of American Horror Story: Hotel.Every day a new piece of American Horror Story: Hotel news is released, so expect more information to be released every day until the season premieres on October 7th. Season premieres on October 7th on FX. (Via EW)

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