'American Horror Story: Hotel' Called "Vile" By Parents Watchdog Group

American Horror Story is being called an "unbelievable explicit combination of sex and violence" by a parent watchdog group.

American Horror Story is getting bashed by a conservative watchdog over its "unbelievable explicit combination of sex and violence". The President of the Parents Television Council Tim Winter wrote an email blasting FX TV series American Horror Story which is produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. In the season 5 premiere episode, the show featured a group sex scene with Matt Bomer, Lady Gaga and two other actors, as well as Max Greenfield's character getting raped. The season 5 premiere of AHS was directed by Ryan Murphy, and featured a bloody foursome scene followed by a bloody murder. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in the subscriber email, Tim described the horror show as: 'the most vile and shocking content I've ever seen on TV. Ever.' The watch dog group bashed the season premiere of the anthology series saying in the email that it was an "unbelievable explicit combustion of sex and violence." The watch dog group didn't stop there saying: 'Most Americans have no idea this is primetime fare on advertiser-supported basic cable. And everyone is paying for it as part of their program bundle.' The Parents Television Council hopes to convince advertisers, especially Subway, to pull their ads from the show. American Horror Story: Hotel is not the only show to get bashed by the Parents Teachers Council, Scream Queens, was called out for discussions of necrophilia and called for McDonalds to end their advertising relationship with Fox.

Lady Gaga Heads to American Horror Story

American Horror Story Lady Gaga American Horror Story Lady Gaga This is Lady Gaga's first major acting job in the last ten years. Lady Gaga recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she doesn't always go for shock value, saying:

'I don't just simply do things because they are provocative or because they are shocking.

'I'm doing it because the story that [Ryan] is telling about addiction, the story that's he's telling about our own narcissism, the story that he's telling about how the human being strives to survive within the challenges of the universe--that to me is what makes the sex so good.'

The show, which airs every Wednesday, focuses on different characters and settings each season. This season American Horror Story: Hotel, focuses on a haunted and sadistic hotel.  

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