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Adventure Time Returns: A Movie and Two New Spin-Off Series in the Works


Key Takeaways:
– Adventure Time is making a comeback with a full-length movie and two new series in .
– The Adventure Time movie will be a creative collaboration between major industry figures such as Steven Universe creator Rebecca , Over the Garden Wall co-creator Patrick McHale, and Adventure Time showrunner Adam Muto.
– Two fresh series “Adventure Time: Side Missions” and “Adventure Time: Heyo BMO” are also in development.
– “Side Missions” will revolve around the childhood of Finn, while “Heyo BMO” will cater to the younger audience.
– Project details about the Adventure Time movie are yet to be revealed.

Get ready for a wave of nostalgia, everyone! Your favorite characters from the Land of Ooo are zooming back into action. Adventure Time, the massively animated series from , is slated for a grand return!

Animation announced at the Annecy Animation Festival that Jake the Dog and Finn the Human will in not just one, but three new Adventure Time projects. That's right, we're talking about a brand-new movie and two fresh spin-off series!

of the Adventure Time Movie

The first project to note is the Adventure Time movie. The creative powerhouses behind this cinematic venture are genuinely impressive. Steven Universe's creator Rebecca Sugar, Over the Garden Wall co-creator Patrick McHale, and Adventure Time showrunner Adam Muto are joining forces for this film. Still, we are yet to learn more about the plot, release dates, and character lineup.

Upcoming Series on Adventure Time: Side Missions

Following the movie, we'll get to see “Adventure Time: Side Missions”. This series will transport us back to Finn's younger days, offering a glimpse into his childhood exploits with his best friend, Jake. Designed as a set of standalone , the series will star early versions of beloved characters like the misunderstood villain, The Ice King. Nate Cash, a renowned Adventure Time artist, is onboard with this project.

Adventure Time: Heyo BMO

The third project is a preschool series called “Adventure Time: Heyo BMO”. Starring the cutie-patootie character BMO, the show will follow its move to a different neighborhood brimming with new and exciting challenges. For this project, Adventure Time writer Adam Muto and storyboard artist Ashlyn Anstee signed up.

Adventure Time Legacy

Since its inception, Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward and executive produced by Adam Muto, has become a household name. It has given us nine fantastic seasons of Finn and Jake's adventures in the Land of Ooo, meeting an array of quirky and lovable characters. Praised for its unique storytelling and representation, the series has redefined the landscape of animated .

Now, fans are eagerly waiting for these new Adventure Time projects. Although details about the movie are still under wraps, it's safe to say that expectations are sky-high. Let's hope the journey back to the Land of Ooo and beyond is as thrilling as it has always been. Get your mathematical hats on, folks – it's Adventure Time!

Remember to follow this space for more updates on Adventure Time and your other favorite shows. Let's go!

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