Actress' Agency Dropped Her for Agreeing to Play Joan on 'Mad Men'

Christina Hendricks' Agency Dropped Her for Agreeing to Play Joan on AMC's 'Mad Men'.

Mad Men actress, Christina Hendricks' previous talent agency fired her because she took the role that would later make her career. According to reports, Christina Hendricks' was given the chance to lead the cast in AMC's 'Mad Men'. But, when she approached her agency they gave her an ultimatum; either quit Mad Men or quit the agency. The rest is history. Mad Men Christina Hendricks Everett Collection /
Hendricks got a number of parts in television series, including ER and Without a Trace, but nothing really took off. Then the script for Mad Men came across her desk and immediately she felt it was special. “I love the idea I have a desk,” she giggles now. “It makes me sound very professional.” Both she and her manager wanted her to take the part of Joan. Hendricks’s agency didn’t agree. “They said, ‘It’s a period piece, it’s never going to go anywhere. We need you to make money and this isn’t going to make money.’ They ended up dropping me.” [Guardian]
Christina Hendrick also discussed working with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman in the upcoming feature film, "God's Pocket". "I keep thinking I'm going to see him again," she says of Hoffman. "I guess, when I watch the film now, I feel like it's a celebration of him. I feel lucky to have gotten to work with him. I feel grateful and I feel sad." Check out the role Christina Hendricks' agent wanted her to turn down here: Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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