Why Actors Are About to Make A Lot More Money

New SAG-AFTRA commercial deal will make actors a lot more money.

Actors are about to make a whole lot more money. SAG-AFTRA, the union for actors, has recently agreed upon a new deal that is expected to increase not only commercial payouts but residuals as well for millions of actors in the film industry. According to The Hollywood Reporter the new deal will immediately increases wages by 7 percent and additionally increases residuals for national broadcast, cable commercials and internet commercials.

Key points in the new deal include:

* A 7 percent upfront increase in minimum session fees for principals and extras, effective April 1 of this year. This wage increase will also have the effect of increasing residuals (use fees), but as noted below there are additional increases in some residuals beyond the general wage increase.

* A 1.2 percent increase in the contribution rates paid by management to the SAG pension & health plans and AFTRA health & retirement funds, bringing the rate to 18 percent.

* A 2 percent increase in residuals paid for national network broadcast commercials, so-called Class A spots, on top of the wage increase.

* A 6 percent increase in national cable residuals, again in addition to the wage increase.

* A new rate for stand-ins, which will be 10 percent higher than the rate paid to extras.

* Increases in residuals for Internet commercials and commercials on cell phones. The increases range up to 16.7 percent, and are in addition to the wage increase.

* Provisions that television commercials can be concurrently streamed on the internet or via cell phones without owing additional compensation to the actors.

* Provisions that allow for internet and cellphone commercials to be played on the basis of a four-week use cycle in addition to the existing eight-week and one-year cycle options.

* An experimental “social media waiver,” providing special terms on a trial basis for commercials produced for social media platforms.

* A confidentiality clause, as part of the standard employment contracts for principal and extra performers.

* A provision that Veteran’s Day will be a recognized holiday.

The complete contract documents are available on the union’s website.

What do you think of the new deal? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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