Actor Killed During Rehearsal with Prop Samurai Sword

Japanese actor killed during rehearsal with prop samurai sword.

A play rehearsal turned deadly in Japan when an actor was stabbed in the stomach with a samurai sword and police said on Tuesday they were investigating whether it was an accident or murder. Daigo Kashino groaned after his abdomen was punctured Monday with the 28-inch weapon, witnesses said. he died several hours after he was rushed to a Tokyo hospital from the studio, the Japan Times reported. Now investigators are questioning the other actors to see if any of them saw what happened before the 33-year-old Kashino was stabbed. An autopsy has ben scheduled to determine the exact cause of death, Japanese media reported. This is not the first time this year that an actor was killed during a theater performance. Italian actor Raphael Schumacher was rushed to hospital and later died after he strangled on stage in the incident last night. The theatere was closed down and members of the audience as well as the cast and crew have been interviewed by police officers, The Times reports.

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