Shane Black's 'Predator' Not a Reboot but a Sequel

UPDATE: New 'Predator' Movie is a sequel not a reboot.

We earlier reported that Shane Black planned on writing a new 'Predator' movie. But, Collider has interviewed Black about the upcoming feature film and it is looks as though he will carry on tradition instead of starting over.
“(It’s definitely not a reboot), as far as Fred and I are concerned anyway. Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?”  Black said he doesn’t like reboots generally, but can “really get behind inventive sequels”, noting that he likes “the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.”
Shane Black wrote 'Iron Man 3', 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', and 'Lethal Weapon' but he also did do an extensive amount of re-writes on the original 'Predator'. In my opinion the 'Predator' series is in good hands,  so expect this to be a smart decision on Shane Black's behalf. Perhaps this may mark the end of reboots.

A new 'Predator' movie is coming soon.

Get your Arnold Schwarzenegger action figures out of the closet because FOX is bringing back 'Predator'. According to Hollywood Reporter, the eighties action classic Predator is getting rebooted. The "Lethal Weapon" creator and "Iron Man 3" director will write and direct the project which is planned to relaunch the sci-fi action franchise.
[Shane> Black will write the treatment for the project, then will hand over scripting duties to Fred Dekker, his university chum with whom he wrote 1987’s Monster Squad. Black will oversee the writing and is also attached to direct.
The original producers of 'Predator', John Davis, Joel Silver and Lawrence Gordon are producing the reboot. If you don't recall, Predator is the 1987 action movie that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura as commandos being attacked on by a fearless alien. John McTiernan directed the movie, which boosted Schwarzenegger's career in Hollywood poster1The film's budget was around $15 million it later grossed $98,267,558. Initial critical reaction to Predator was negative, with criticism focusing on the thin plot. However, in subsequent years critics' attitudes toward the film warmed, and it has appeared on a number of "best of" lists.  Arnold Schwarzenegger said in an interview describing how he fell into the movie."The first thing I look for in a script is a good idea, a majority of scripts are rip-offs of other movies. People think they can become successful overnight. They sat down one weekend and wrote a script because they read that Stallone did that with RockyPredator was one of the scripts I read, and it bothered me in one way. It was just me and the alien. So we re-did the whole thing so that it was a team of commandos and then I liked the idea. I thought it would make a much more effective movie and be much more believable. I liked the idea of starting out with an action-adventure, but then coming in with some horror and science fiction." Since 1987 there have been several other Predator movies including the 1990's version, PredatorsRobert Rodriguez produced a sequel joining the Aliens franchise for Aliens vs. Predator movie in 2004 and 2007. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.