A 'Godzilla' Sequel is Coming Soon

It's official Warner Bros. is in discussion for developing a Godzilla sequel.

After making $103 Million dollars internationally in the opening weekend, it looks as Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are already in development for a sequel. Godzilla was directed by Gareth Edwards, a British director who has beaten all of his Godzilla predecessors. The 1998 Godzilla movie starring Matthew Broderick made a modest $44m for it's opening weekend and finished with a total of $379 million. But, according to reports, the latest Godzilla feature will double what the 1998 version accomplished.
Edwards has talked about what he would do with a sequel, saying he would use the same kind of restraint that he did for this one. He learned well from watching Spielberg films as the monster was only talked about for the first part of this film. And, of course, there were those reaction shots that added to the suspense (Deadline).
But, not only was the movie well developed Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures went above and beyond to develop a marketing strategy that will reach a wide audience. From the commercials to the movie posters, Godzilla was everywhere. Expect the next Godzilla movie to attack your movie theater in the next two years. Are you ready for a sequel?