Entertainment NewsA Fresh Look at Star Wars: Was The Emperor Initially a Woman?

A Fresh Look at Star Wars: Was The Emperor Initially a Woman?


Key Takeaways:

– The Star Wars franchise is seeing a decrease in popularity, possibly attributed to a shift towards female protagonists.
– In one scene from ‘The Empire Strikes Back,' the , later known as Palpatine, was played by a female actress.
– This fact could inspire Kathleen Kennedy to consider a retcon, introducing the Emperor as a female from the outset.

The Emperor, a classic Star Wars villain, was initially performed by a woman in George Lucas's ‘The Empire Strikes Back.' Now, this fact about the franchise might inspire current President, Kathleen Kennedy, to write new, captivating female-driven narratives.

The Unveiling of a Female Emperor

Issued as the second chapter of the epic Star Wars saga, ‘The Empire Strikes Back,' was meant to widen the space opera's universe that Lucas had envisioned. The were officially introduced to Emperor Palpatine for the first time. The character, who later pulls strings behind the galaxy's malevolent empire and steps in as Darth Vader's Sith Master, had his first in a short but significant scene.

When the Emperor delivers a holographic message in the , he is played by a female actress. It seems like Lucas was yet to finalize the intended for the Emperor's role in the following sequel. Reports point out that actress Marjorie Eaton donned the Emperor's guise, complete with heavy make-up. Apparently, the character was voiced over by Clive Revill to give it a masculine timbre. This fact leads many to believe that Lucas initially intended the Emperor to be a male character.

Past Performance Could Influence Star Wars' Future

The substitution of Eaton's footage in the DVD issue of ‘The Empire Strikes Back' overshadowed her contributions to the galaxy far, far away. When ‘Return of the Jedi' rolled around, Ian McDiarmid was chosen to portray the Emperor, replacing Eaton's performance in all future releases.

However, a nugget of from the original movie might up an exciting potential for Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm's current president. Kennedy, since Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, has been a part of the launch of several Star Wars titles that spotlighted female protagonists.

Understanding the shifting dynamics, Kennedy might seize this trivia from ‘The Empire Strikes Back' to retcon the Emperor as originally being a woman. We should keep in mind that the essence of Star Wars is not about gender roles but about presenting an array of diverse and fascinating characters.

Last Thoughts

Kennedy's decision to push female-centered narratives has been met with criticism. However, it's worth noting that the Star Wars franchise's strength lies in its , something that George Lucas showed by initially casting a female actress to play the Emperor.

Therefore, regardless of the Emperor's gender, the franchise's success revolves around creating intriguing storylines and characters that appeal to audiences worldwide. Irrespective of the character's orientation, what matters is how well they fit into the grand story or contribute to making it even grander.

So, we could see more surprises from Star Wars in the future. Watch this space for updates, and let's not forget – the Star Wars filmography along with its TV are ready to explore on Disney+.

As the famous quote goes – may the force be with you, no matter who you are or where you come from!

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