STUDY: Women on 'Shark Tank' Receive Less Money than Men

According to a new study, women who appear on Shark Tank receive fewer investments in comparison to men.

It's tough enough for . And apparently, it's even tougher for female entrepreneurs to get funding for their projects on Shark Tank.  According to Mashable, when women do receive money, female-owned companies receive far lower valuations than businesses headed by men. According to data analyzed by Rock health CEO Halle Tecco, male founders received approximately nearly $1.7 million higher valuations than women. In fact, women founders received an average of over $781,000. This is not typically new. Studios have shown time and time again that Venture Capital firms that have a women in executive positions are more likely to invest in female ran businesses. That explains why real estate entrepreneur and millionaire Lori Grenier invests 48% of time in companies led by women. “It perfectly reflects what we see in Silicon Valley,” Tecco told Mashable. She also said, “Studies show that men are judged on their potential, whereas women are judged on what they already have accomplished. This means more bets are being placed on unproven men than unproven women founders.” Researchers also argue that women on the show ask for less money than men. “Something is happening during the negotiation where the sharks are driving the valuation down and women are willing to give up more of their company to close a deal,” she said.

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