Entertainment News90 Day Fiance Drama: Luke Wants a Prenup Despite Madelein’s Apology!

90 Day Fiance Drama: Luke Wants a Prenup Despite Madelein’s Apology!


Key Takeaways:

– Luke has been financially supporting and spoiling Madelein despite his financial struggles.
– After a cheating scandal and apology from Madelein, Luke still wants a prenuptial agreement.
of have been vocal, with some accusing Luke of being controlling while others criticize Madelein for using Luke for .

in Paradise of 90 Day Fiance has been buzzing with high-energy around Luke Berry and Madelein Perez. This couple has been embroiled in disagreement, with the fireworks primarily ignited by the subject of a prenuptial agreement.

Luke's Struggles and Stern Stand on Prenup

American boyfriend Luke has been facing financial hardships, despite which he has been spoiling his Columbian girlfriend with all sorts of luxury. In the midst of his economic , one would assume Madelein would empathize with Luke's situation. However, she has been accused by many fans of using him for his money.

In an interesting twist, Luke was confronted with rumors of Madelein's infidelity causing a wrench in their relationship. He recovered with a shock when a close friend accused Madelein of cheating on him.

Amidst all this chaos, Madelein attempted to smooth things over with an apology and a reaffirmation of her love. However, Luke has been adamant about the idea of a prenup before tying the knot. In a recent appearance on AccessHollywood, he asserted that whilst he doesn't want to hurt Madelein, he is unwilling to put himself at risk if she doesn't agree to sign the prenup.

Fans' Mixed Reaction to the Prenup Drama

This controversy stirred a lively response from 90 Day Fiance's passionate fan base. While many empathize with Luke and side with his decision to protect himself, others have been critical about his , particularly in regard to Madelein's age.

There has been a wave of disapproval pointed at Luke for dating a minor when he himself was pushing 30. Apart from this, a few fans lashed out at Luke, accusing him of being too controlling towards the teenager. Interestingly, some fans even questioned the validity of a prenup when Luke himself is supposedly broke.

Madelein's Extravagance Vs. American Dream

Madelein, on the other hand, has been clear that she desires a big, fat with her American beau. Her disregard for Luke's financial situation and the refusal to sign a prenup have caused fans to question her motives.

While Luke is focused on healing past wounds and starting afresh, he believes in earning trust, especially in light of the cheating rumors. Therefore, the idea of a prenup is something he is not willing to dismiss, suggesting a possible tension point in their future together.

Stay tuned to this space for all the latest updates on Luke and Madelein's relationship and other hot scoops from 90 Day Fiance universe!



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