6 Things You Missed on The Walking Dead Season 5 "Slabtown"

The Walking Dead Spoiler Alert - 6 Things You Probably Missed on The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 4 "Slabtown"

Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead followed a different storyline, when we finally catch up with Beth Greene and find out where she ended up after her mysterious kidnapping in the car with the white cross. In the episode, we are given plenty of new information, met new characters, and say farewell to several new characters. But, there were several things that you may not have noticed in the episode.

1. Time

Following Season 5 episode 1, Greg Nicotero, the executive producer behind The Walking Dead revealed that in each episode the clocks and watches are adjusted to point to the season and episode.
And of course the time is 5:01 on the watch, because that was episode 501......So if you look at any of the stuff in the show…even when Carol picks up Rick’s watch off the table, it says 5:01. Every episode that we shoot we adjust the time on the watches and the clocks to whatever episode it is we’re shooting.
In Season 5, episode 4 the clock in Beth's hospital room is pointing to five and four to represent the current episode. The Walking Dead spoiler

2. New name for walkers

In the beginning of the episode, Officer Gorman introduces the world to his name for the walkers: "Rotters." We have always heard different names for the zombies including, "biters," "geeks," "roamers," and "lurkers," but what makes this name interest is that it is sneaky Walking Dead reference. "Rotters" is a reference to the UK TV show "In The Flesh", where the show focuses more on the dead instead of the living. In the Flesh

3. The Walking Dead call backs

The Walking Dead BombIn episode 5, Season 2 there was a flashback scene where the entire city of Atlanta is bombed by military aircrafts while the crew watched. The effects of the airstrikes were finally revealed when Beth and Dr. Edwards stood on the rooftop of the hospital and the city was featured in the background. walking-dead-slabtown-emily-kinney-beth-atlanta-600x300 In last week's episode we see Officer Dawn grab Beth's wrists and reveal her scars after talking about her working her debt to the hospital. This was the first time since Season 2 that The Walking Dead has referenced Beth's suicide attempt in Season 2. The-Walking-Dead-20141103_0017

4. What happened to Carol? [Major Spoiler Alert>

The Walking Dead Carol Season 5 At the end of the episode we see Carol wheeled in on a stretcher. Back in July, Spoiling Dead fans revealed leaked photos from the set of The Walking Dead showing Carol being hit by a car and kidnapped by people dressed as police, and bundled into a car with a cross on the back. carol-hit-by-car-the-walking-dead-1 But, is Carol okay? If she was purposefully hit by a car will she make it into season 6?

#5. Noah reveals the safe zone

The Walking Dead Inside the hospital Beth meets Noah, who reveals how he ended up at the hospital, although he plans an escape to return to the walled community in Richmond, Virginia. Could this walled community be the first mention of the Alexandria Safe-Zone? This theory was boosted by leaked on-set photos that were released few months ago within a walled city. According to the Walking Dead comics, Alexandria suffered considerable damage and was temporarily abandoned. After the war's end, the survivors came back to Alexandria and started to rebuild it. Two years after the war, Alexandria was completely rebuilt and has been vastly improved, with the addition of new houses, crops and orchards. The Walking Dead Season 5 Alexandria Safe Zone

#6. Who was in the woods with Daryl?

The Walking Dead Daryl Season 5 Another mystery that remained unsolved was who was with Daryl when he came out of the woods in episode 3? Many assume it was going to be Beth. That clearly is not possible. It is most likely the orderly, Noah that helped Beth try to escape. He did get away though it is hard to imagine how he would find his way to Daryl. Whatever the case, it seems inevitable that the group will have to get a plan and go after Beth and Carol. What do you think of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 Slabtown? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.