50 Cent's Lawyers Say He Must Look Rich Because Rap Fans Are Poor [VIDEO]

Here's the real reason why 50 Cent poses with photos of money

50 Cent's rap music career is going down the toilet all thanks to a multi-million dollar lawsuit, bankruptcy, and multiple failed business ventures. And this latest piece of news isn't going to make it any better for the rapper who was shot 9 times and survived. According to recent audio tapes leaked from the 50 Cent bankruptcy case, 50 Cent's attorneys are trying to argue as to why 50 Cent says he's "broke" but continues to share photos of money, cars, and clothes on Instagram and in music videos. Apparently, 50 Cent has to look rich because many rap fans are poor. In fact, because rap fans are poor, 50 Cent is their inspiration to get out of financial disposition. From The Source:
I’m not going to ask you whether you listen to his music or have seen his videos or anything like that, but if you look at Mr. Jackson or other Hip Hop artists, they’re aspirational,” one of the lawyers says. “They come from poverty. Many of their fans are poor. They want their favorite rapper to be rich. Money is important to them. You look at his pre-bankruptcy persona, look at some of the videos, money is important. Filing the bankruptcy by definition presented a real challenge as to how it’s going to be handled.
When asked whether or not his posts might have been seen as offensive to the court and the proceedings, another one of 50’s reps offered an explanation.
I could understand why it would inflame creditors of the estate, but I think they’re sophisticated. They now appreciate what’s one person’s inflammation is another one’s way of maximizing recovery,” the lawyer says. “If Mr. Jackson conducted himself say with more discretion, more tact, he wouldn’t be getting people endorsing him for high premium items. He wouldn’t be getting movie parts. He wouldn’t be having great roles on TV.
50 Cent survived a serious shooting. I'm pretty sure he will survive this legal battle. But, I'm not sure if his rapping career will.

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