50 Cent Sued For $200 Million For "Stealing" the Idea of 'Power'

50 Cent is getting sued for $200 Million over allegedly stealing the idea for Power.

50 Cent is having a horrible year.

50 Cent is headed back to court to fight another lawsuit, but luckily for him and his lawyers this one should be an open and shut case. A man named Larry Johnson is accusing 50 Cent of stealing his manuscript and using it as inspiration for the hit Starz series Power, and Larry wants $200 million dollars for his troubles. According to TMZ, Johnson claims he gave his manuscript,  "Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid," off to an employee at G-Unit books, who then showed it to 50 Cent only for it to eventually become the storyline of Power. omari-hardwick-50-cent-power Apparently "Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid" features a character like Ghost from POwer, who has a crazy friend and owns a nightclub. Johnson also says Ghost is his pen name, which is obviously the nickname of the main character from Power. For his services, Johnson is looking to get paid, because I guess it's better to aim high in these type of cases. 50 Cent Denzel WashingtonPower has built themselves to be one of the most watched shows on premium network TV. But, this may be a bad move for Johnson since 50 Cent allegedly only made $300,000 during the first two seasons of Power. 

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