50 Cent Bashes Creator of 'Power' After Showing His Magic Stick

50 Cent bashes the show of Power after showing his penis in a NSFW scene.

What would you do if you're watching TV and all of a sudden you see your naked body? While this sounds frightening to most people, this exact situation happened to rapper/actor, 50 Cent. Even though he is one of the executive producers and actor in Power, it looks like 50 Cent had no idea his magic stick was going to appear on this week's episode of the hit crime drama. In the hit TV series' 50 Cent plays "Kanan" on the hit TV series and reprised his role as the brutal gangster to blast Power creator Courtney A. Kemp on Instagram. 50 Cent was foaming mad that Kemp didn't censor his penis during that scene where he proved he was ready to get back in the streets and commit a robbery. “This sh*t wasn’t in the first three edits. All of a sudden wala..magic [stick>. Nah, y’all got me f*cked up,” Fif wrote on a now-deleted Instagram post captured by Bossip. “So now my auntie G can’t watch Power because my dick is debuting tonight. SMH you motherf*ckers. I wish somebody say some stupid sh*t right now. I am Kanan motherf*cker. Try me.” The rapper/actor continued his rant by bashing the show's creator, continuing, “Don’t kiss my cheek, kiss my ass. This sh*t is not fun. Tell the people from STARZ stop calling my phone. You call now. I don’t give a f*ck if you on the plane, b*tch.” At this point it is unclear whether or not Kemp made that decision, but she did respond to 50 cent on social media and said Curtis Jackson isn't being at all truthful. “Ghost must die and 50 Cent must lie,” Kemp wrote to 50 Cent. The creator of Power went on to say that 50 Cent actually signed a nudity waiver, adding “You knew what we were shooting during 404. Yeah, that’s your [eggplant emoji]. You signed the waiver like everybody else.” Sounds like 50 Cent was just trying to create free publicity for Power, which recently renewed for two more seasons after breaking records with this season's premiere. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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