5 Famous Actors Auditioning for Roles They Didn't Get [VIDEO]

Check out these 5 Famous Actors Auditioning for Roles They Didn't Get

Check out these famous actors auditioning for roles they didn't get. Auditioning is a tough process for any actor. Unless, you're an A-List actor, 90% of the time you still have to audition for a role in a movie or TV show. Check out these 5 failed auditions from some of Hollywood's biggest actors!


Scarlett Johansson started her acting career at a very young age. In 1995, a younger Scarlett Johansson auditioned for a role in the movie 'Jumanji'. Johansson would inevitably lose the role to Kirsten Dunst. It would be years later before her role in Lost in Translation would catapult her career to A-List status.

#4. Tom Hiddleston - Thor

Tom Hiddleston trained for months for the lead role in the Walt Disney and Marvel Studios production of 'Thor'. But, at the end of the day, the actor did not test well with audiences. Luckily for him, producers loved his acting and gave him the role of Loki.

 #3. Jessica Alba - Get Smart

In 2008, Jessica Alba was at the top of her career. But, producers for the movie 'Get Smart' were not that convinced. After doing the 'Fantastic Four' movies, Jessica Alba was able to show that she was pretty good at comedy. But, after the audition for 'Get Smart' producers were not too sure about her comedy acting skills. Alba would later land a role in "The Love Guru" and Anne Hathaway would land the role in 'Get Smart'.

 #2. Josh Hutcherson - The Amazing Spider-Man

When a superhero movie hits Hollywood, actors fight for a chance to land the lead role in the movie. In 2010, Josh Hutcherson was one of a few names attached to play Spider-man. Inevitably, Hutcherson lost the role to Andrew Garfield. But, Josh Hutcherson would end up landing a role in 'The Hunger Games' alongside Jennifer Lawrence.

#1. Brad Pitt - Backdraft

In 1991, Brad Pitt was not one of America's leading actors. But, he was slowly climbing his way to the top. During that time the next big feature film was 'Backdraft'. Robert Downey Jr., William Baldwin, and Brad Pitt all auditioned for a role in the movie. William Baldwin would end up landing the role in the movie. What do you think?Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.