$20 'Back to the Future 2' Pepsis Are Coming Soon

You can finally buy a Back to the Future II Pepsi for $20.

Finally the date being passed around the internet as the day Marty McFly travels to in the Back to the Future II is not a hoax. And given that most of the movie's being made currently feature hours of product placement and commercialization, it should not come as a surprise that at least one huge brand is trying to capitalize on it. Pepsi has announced that on October 21st, also known as the day Doc Brown's Delorean touches down in 2015, will release a limited run of 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect. Each 16.9 oz. bottle comes with a special case, and costs $20.15. Don't bother looking for it at a 7-11, these will be available online only, unless you are planning on going to New York Comic Con this weekend dressed up as Doc Brown or Marty McFly. Add to the fact that Nike has confirmed a 2015 release of the self-lacing Air Mag sneakers featured in Back to the Future 2, expect dehydrated Pizza Hut pizzas made by Black & Decker to be coming soon. Back to the Future Back to the Future

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