12 Celebrities With and Without Photoshop

Is Photoshop going too far? Here are 12 celebrities with and without photoshop. You be the judge.

Many people argue that photoshop has gone too far. If you do a google search of Photoshop controversy you will see hundreds of stories centering around celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Amber Rose, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian getting into for photoshopping their pictures. The media sometimes puts A-list actors, models, and celebrities on a pedestal. But, we shouldn't be envious of Hollywood stars with perfect skin, bodies, and eyes. But, did you know many of our favorite celebrities use Photoshop to edit the way they look? Currently, Israel is putting in place a Photoshop ban to stop regular people from feeling unable to compete with A-list celebrities flawless skin, six pack abs, and perfect jawline.
On March 20, Israel announced plans to enact the so-called Photoshop Law. This two-part legislation includes regulations on underweight models as well as limits to digital alterations of advertisements. The law requires any ad agency to disclose if photos of models underwent Photoshop alteration to make the subjects appear thinner. [Source>
Celebrities are humans just like you and me. They have wrinkles and blemishes. Ultimately, nobody is perfect. Here are 10 celebrities showing what they look like before and after photoshop.

Doutzen Kroes (Model)


Megan Fox (Actress)


Adriana Lima (Model)


Angelina Jolie (Actress)


Beyonce (Singer)


Britney Spears (Singer/Actress)


Jessica Alba (Actress)


Kate Moss (Actress)


Kate Winslet (Actress)


Keira Knightley (Actress)


Sarah Michelle Gellar (Actress)


Tyra Banks (Model)


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