Sacha Baron Cohen's Oscars' Joke Called: 'Racist' and 'Offensive'

Fans are pissed with Oscars joke.

Chris Rock handled the #OscarsSoWhite controversy poignantly and while many people felt like Chris Rock was racist against white people, others supported the comedian's efforts for reform in Hollywood. But, one actor's comments pissed off a ton of people. Sacha Baron Cohen, the British comedian known for Borat and his over the top comedy, seized the moment to introduce the best picture nomineee Room and to speak out in support “all people of all colors.” A touch subject, but Cohen took a less than serious approach. He spoke in character as Ali G, a white wannabe rapper. Meanwhile, Olivia Wilde looked on quietly. “’Ow come there’s no Oscar for dem very hard-working little yellow people with tiny dongs — you know, the Minions,” Ali G said through a thick accent. “But I is here,” he added, “representing all of them that’s been overlooked. Will Smith. Idris Elba. And of course that amazing black bloke from ‘Star Wars’ — Darth Vader.” Arm raised in solidarity, Ali added, “Dis is for you.” Despite, the audience applauding Sacha Baron Cohen's joke. Many people were offended and called the joke another illustration of how racist Hollywood really is.

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