10 Surprisingly "Short" Actors that Have Hollywood on Fire

Check out these 10 surprisingly short actors that have Hollywood on fire.

This is not basketball. Hollywood is the place where all the superstars are all 6'0 and under! Hollywood is all about smokes and mirrors. With different camera angles and lighting, a relatively short person can be considered extremely tall on the big screen. Couple that with high definition and an amazing soundtrack, a 4'11 actor can become a giant. Don't even get us started on CGI. But, here are 10 actors that are surprisingly "short" but are still rocking Hollywood with everything got!

10. Dave Franco - 5’7”

via: MTVNews via: MTVNews

9. Usher - 5’7½

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8. Mark Wahlberg - 5’8”

Via: whatshouldglotzbachcallme.tumblr

7. Robert Downey Jr. - 5’8½”


6. Kevin Hart 5'2


5. Daniel Radcliffe - 5’5”


4. Bruno Mars - 5'5


3. Aziz Ansari - 5'6

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2. Josh Hutcherson - 5'7


1. Zac Efron - 5'8

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