[WATCH] Vin Diesel Selling 'Street Shark' Toys at a 1994 Toy Fair is AMAZING!

Watch Vin Diesel sell "Street Shark" toys at a 1994 toy fair.

Seven years before The Fast and the Furious, Vin Diesel started his acting career, he was selling toys instead of racing cars. On Wednesday, footage of the actor playing with action figures at a 1994 toy fair started to go viral. A young Vin Diesel really got into selling the "Street Shark" action figures complete with a shark-tooth necklace and earring. First up was whale shark Boomer, who’s “got the biggest mouth of them all,” a shirtless, leather-vested Diesel hypes to the camera. “Say hello to that round mound of pound and his power-slam,” Diesel added. “Very deadly. He loves to tenderize the competition before he eats them.” Watch the video above, we guarantee you won't regret it.

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