Nick Cannon Gets Booed Out of Madison Square Garden [VIDEO]

Nick Cannon appeared at an April 2nd New York Knicks game with America's Got Talent as a publicity stunt, and well to say the least, it did not go well.

The appearance was not to promote his new album, "White People Party Music" but for the television series "America's Got Talent" and New York Knicks fans were going to let the world know how they feel about it. The crowd was instructed to "go crazy" and well, the crowd kind of went crazy. The only problem was that they didn't go in the way that they were probably hoping for. Ultimately, it created a giant problem. It was hard enough to watch the footage of what happened to Nick Cannon from my computer, I can only imagine how it must feel to be Nick Cannon. What do you think of the New York Knicks fans? Did they cross the line? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!