[WATCH] The Unedited El Chapo Raid Looks Like a Michael Bay Action Movie

You can finally watch the unedited El Chapo raid and it's pretty crazy.

On Monday, we saw a clip of the dramatic raid footage that ended in Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's recapture by Mexican authorities. Those 30 seconds (cut from 50 minutes of footage from CNN) showed Marines throwing grenades into the home holding El Chapo. Five cartel members were killed while El Chapo temporarily escaped into a manhole. He traveled through the sewer, emerged and stole a car, but authorities were able to capture him before he disappeared again. Now, an extended video shows a full 15 minutes of GoPro action from Friday morning's "Cisne Negro" (Black Swan) mission. El Chapo Guzman The clip ends as the soldiers realize that El Chapo is nowhere inside the two-story structure. We may see a lot more when the full 50 minutes of footage surfaces. However, whether or not we'll actually see El Chapo's arrest and his reaction will probably be shrouded in mystery. The drug kingpin now sits in the same Mexican prison that he escaped from last July. The warden and 71 other employees were charged after El Chapo escaped through a hidden tunnel. Of course, El Chapo's plan may not have been a secret at all. His network of connections may make anything possible, even another possible escape. But, it's interesting to point out that his Hollywood appeal is what led to him getting caught. All of which begs the question: Is Sean Penn a spy?

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