Casey Affleck Has Awkward Interview with Stephen Colbert: 'You Wanna Fight Me?'

Actor Casey Affleck offers to fight Stephen Colbert after an awkward interview.

Actor Casey Affleck does not have a great sense of humor about himself, so if you're a late night host, don't make fun of him. Appearing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new movie Triple 9which filmed in Atlanta, Affleck did not respond to some jokes about his sloppy outfit. Well, you look great,” Colbert joked, which was nicer than calling out Affleck for looking for like the ignored younger brother that nobody pays attention to. The interview immediately turned tense and extremely uncomfortable, with Affleck bashing Colbert and forcing Colbert to point out that it was "just some playful ribbing." After complaining and looking annoyed, Affleck eventually broke the tension by offering to fight the late night host. I guess that happens when you're older brother is Batman.

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