This is the GoDaddy Ad Animal Activists Don't Want You to See

Puppy Lovers hate this new GoDaddy commercial

Godaddy has pulled the ad they released on YouTube earlier this week from the Superbowl after animal rights activists freaked out over puppy cruelty issues. The commercial was supposed to make fun of "Lost Dog," Budweiser's critically acclaimed commercial, but apparently that was a big mistake. The ad itself shows an adorable dog at which point it finds its owner, who is relieved because she had just sold the dog on her GoDaddy website and was about to have it next-day shipped. Animal rights activists, however, don't really like the joke. Or, instead they find puppies bought online is obviously coming from a puppy mill. The SPCA argued that the ad supported inhumane breeding, while asserted that the ad encouraged puppy mills. “Puppies thrown in a cardboard box in the back of a pickup?” asked one anonymous commenter, according to Adweek. “Most likely being transported from puppy mill to broker since no mother in sight? No health tests on parents? Breeder too lazy for a proper kennel name?” GoDaddy decided to pull the ad in response to the backlash, because you don't spend millions of dollars on a commercial just to piss people off. Instead, the GoDaddy plans to air a backup ad during the Super Bowl. What do you think?Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.