'8 Mile' Movie Shows Extras Battling for Screen Time [VIDEO]

'8 Mile' movie outtakes show extras battling for screen time in the movie

These '8 Mile' outtakes really show how incredible Eminem was on set the movie. During the production of the rap battle scenes, the director hired dozens of extras to work on the movie. After several days of filming, the extras got bored with being on the set and often tired of hearing the same routines over and over again. Then, the director noticed that a lot of the extras in the crowd were rapping between the scenes and decided to hold a rap competition for a chance to be in the movie. After a few days of competitions, four lucky actors were selected to battle Eminem in the movie. At first, Eminem was told that he would just pantomime rapping in order to save his voice. But, the crowd started to make fun of him. By, the time the second rapper battled, Eminem started improvising and battled rapped against his once background extra, turned rapper/actor. This is a great video to see a behind the scenes look into filming of 8-mile and how a director connected with the crew on set and created an amazing improvisational performance. Check out the video below: Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.