'War in 559' Webseries Casting Call in Atlanta

'War in 559' Webseries Casting Call in Atlanta, Georgia.

War in 559, is a comedy web series that follows Pnut and Niya through their college years . Pnut and Niya are a formal couple who are stuck in a leasing agreement and can't agree with who will move from out the apartment. These two former lovers stubbornness will not allow either to move out of  Apartment 559. They're surrounded by different friends from all walks of life, who go through trials and tribulations as they make their way through Drayton University.  In this funny, loving show, we see Pnut, Niya and their group of friends go from young teenagers to mature adults. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.  
  • P-NUT
P-Nut, African-American Male, is a nineteen year old sophomore.  He's a walking clown, the classic college screw up but dates, and is in love with Niya, a woman totally opposite of him. Pnut changes his major every semester, only thing he's sure of is that he wants to be an actor and that he loves Niya. He is a comedic alcoholic, and every word that comes out of his mouth tends to be funny.
  • NIYA
Niya, African-American female, is a nineteen year old sophomore. Classy and beautiful, she's a bookworm at heart. She's a strong spirited woman and always clashes with her ex-boyfriend Pnut. To her dismay, they're stuck living together in an apartment even though they are no longer together.  Although she lives with her ex, she will not let that stop her for living the single college life.
Lenny, African-American Male, is a nineteen year old sophomore. Lenny is Pnut's best-friend and the co-host of their popular campus radio show. Lenny takes being a philosophy major  entirely too seriously. If it was up to Lenny he says the "deepest" things in this world, problem is it's not up to Lenny. A-lot of his "knowledge" lacks common sense, in short, no one on campus what he says as knowledge "deep".
  • GWEN
Gwen, African-American Female, is a eighteen year old freshman. She's a beautiful athletic female. Gwen is on campus to play volleyball and basketball. She's finding her way in the world but doesn't have time for any man distracting her away from her goals.
Mr. Workman, Caucasian Male, is a 54 year old male. Mr. Workman isn't in the best of shape. He's the owner of the apartment building that Pnut and Niya live in. He's the landlord, the plumber, the electrician, he does it all. If you need your brakes fix he can do that to. Think of him as the white version on Bookman from good times.
Nerdy Guy, African-American Male, is a nineteen year old Sophomore. Nerdy guy is just that, a nerd. The college Steve Urkel, yet he has a nice girlfriend who runs him like she owns him. Nerdy guy can't think for himself, Pnut and Lenny constantly try to teach him to have a backbone and be a man.
Nerdy Guy's Girlfriend, African-American Female, is a twenty year old Junior. She's a very bossy woman, how she fell in love with a nerd is anybody's guess. She's a controlling woman, if it's not her way then it's not the right way.  
Kershaw, African-American Male, is a twenty-one year old Sophomore. Kershaw is the party promoter of the entire campus. If it's a party going on he's the promoter for it, no matter what club it's at. There's one problem with Kershaw; he thinks he's the finest man on the planet but he's the only one who thinks that. His pick up lines are awful and if he ever lands a woman it'll be because God felt sorry for him.
Mrs. Grunky, African-American Female, is a fifty years old. She's the woman who keeps these kids in line. Don't act up in her cafeteria, she's old school, she's not going to tolerate that.
  • MR. ROB
Mr. Rob, African-American Male, is a forty-five year old teacher. He's a laid back teacher, if he doesn't feel like having class then it's cancelled. If the football players are too tired to come to class he doesn't count them absent. Don't take him being laid back for weakness, because he will fail you.
Minister P, African-American Female, is a nineteen year old sophomore. Minister P received his nickname because he's always preaching around campus. He is a staple for "empowerment of women", which is why women gravitate towards him but that also makes him unpopular with the males. He clings on to his virginity like it's a trophy and will proudly announce that he's saving himself for marriage. Although, that will prove to get harder as he travels through college.
Champagne dancers are known to be some of the finest women on campus. They're known to be stuck up but can be friendly to the right guys. Anytime they appear on campus they are dressed better than any other female.
Robert, African-American Male, is a twenty year old Junior. Robert is an openly gay man. He's not ashamed of it. He's also Niya's best friend. He's a very fun character to play because he's always getting into some type of trouble. Please send resume, head shot,  and reel (if applicable) to [email protected]. It is imperative that your subject line read Your Name, Character You Are Auditioning For, and Age. Along with your information in the body please provide us with your social media names such as facebook, twitter, and instagram.  Once received, you will get a follow up email on doing a video audition with sides. If you have any questions please email us. Thanks. -Casting Departmen

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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