Video Reel Speaking Roles Casting Call in Atlanta

CHRIS At first, He is a spoiled Rich boy Who has been avoiding taking his Bar exam so he could become a lawyer like his dad. After his moms death; He is known to be wild, Girl crazy until he meets the one woman who made him change it all. If only that was his problem; Now he has to explain to the world and his father why he has chosen to fall in love with "a Black girl" . They have to fight to be together because of Racism and class While you are doing your video audition please incorporate "Let me get this straight... You talk about how smart she is and I need to be more like her and now that I fell in love with her, she is not good enough! 18-28 CAUCASIAN Jonathan 39-55 CAUCASIAN He is Chris's dad. After losing his wife he was not really supportive to his son. Even though he wants the best for his son, he is so controlling, wanting chris to do everything he says. Which in turn pushes him away. He does not trust Chris girlfriend because she is of a different race and class. Please incorporate this into your audition. CHRISTIAN 3-7 MIXED RACE Chris and Iris daughter or son. He/She never knew chris because he was pronounced dead before she/he was born. so loving. Takes every chance to tell mom that he/she loves her. IVAN 22-35 Any Ethnicity He believes in "Handling his wife" instead of supporting her through it all. He wants her to do as he says when he says. He is very violent but always remorseful after. Manipulative, Knows the right words to get his wife to stay. To apply e-mail: [email protected]

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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