UNCSA Student Film Open Casting Call for Extras

UNCSA Student Film Open Casting Call for Extras in North Carolina.

University North Carolina School of the Arts is now casting people between the ages of 30 to 70 to work on an upcoming grocery store scene for a student film filming in Winston-Salem, North Carolina To audition for a role on the upcoming student film, check out the casting call details below:

UNCSA Casting Call

Hello! My name is Marylea Wiley, and I'm the Extras Coordinator for the UNCSA Fourth Year Film, "Akela". I'm currently looking for people between the ages of 30-70 of any gender, that would be willing to participate in a grocery store scene. "Akela" is a film about a woman named Fae, who ultimately has to discover and confront the truth about her husband, James. She wants nothing more than to live a quiet upper-class suburban life full of of charity events and pot-lucks, while climbing the social ladder. When evidence starts building up against her husband, hinting at something horrific, Fae must decide to commit to uncovering her husband's deepest sins. The production's shooting dates are September 26-28th, and October 3-5. As of right now, the grocery scene will be shot on one of the two Mondays. If you are interested in participating, or know someone else that might be, please let me know!

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