TV Pilot Casting Call for Lead and Supporting Roles in Atlanta

TV Pilot Casting Call for lead and supporting roles in Atlanta, Georgia.

AboutFace Media CASTING CALL for our upcoming PILOT #DonorsAFM This is a SAG New Media Production. Union and nonunion encouraged to apply. This is a paid production. Donors will have Worldwide distribution on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, etc… LEAD ROLES- Octavian Korvich – (Caucasian Male) 20-30s, Raised as a fighter now turned diplomat and creator of the Donor System. Over 400 years old but is up to date with modern technology. Nyla Jorden – (African American Female) 20-30s, Head strong, but stepping into a new world with being Octavian’s donor makes her feel inadequate. She’s used to the 9-5 life. Gregor Korvich—(Caucasian Male) 45+, Octavian’s Father. Old world, you never quite know what his intent is as he’s been around before Christ. What he says goes. SUPPORTING ROLES- Catina— (Caucasian) 20s, Model, used to having her way and is very conniving. Octavian’s ex donor. Five—(Open Nationality) 20s, Armiger, Built to follow orders, that is until the link between the Armigers is broken and he no longer has 5 other minds in his head at once. Vampire Counsel—(Mixed Nationalities 3-5) 25+ Used to the old ways and I tired of the limitations that are put on them. They’re vampires after all. Human Counsel—(Mixed Nationalities 3-5) 35+ Tired of being ruled by vampires but fear what happens if they don’t comply. email submissions to: [email protected] SYNOPSIS: Horror/fantasy set in current times but in a world of vampires. For nearly 100 years vampires feared the demise of the human race, their food source. Radical changes need to be made or they face extinction. After nearly a decade of war between humans and vampires the Donor System is introduced. Each vampire is given a mate of their choosing selected from the system. This person is their mate and food source. Donors are now the new celebrities. Small factions are tired of the truce and will do anything to undermine the system to prove they are the dominant species. Humans also join in. They’re tired of not being selected and jealous of the donors’ status. Donors are wiped out in a purge like fashion and the Armigers, genetically altered vampires, are awakened. Octavian Korvich is the son of the oldest coven and the creator of the system. His mate betrays him and he’s in desperate need of another. In the midst of trying to stop the fighting of the different vampire covens he happens upon a woman’s door. She’s everything he didn’t expect yet everything he needs. Some roles will require brief nudity (also partial and implied) and sexual situations All roles are paid. PRODUCTION DATES/LOCATIONS – MARCH 2nd to March 15th 2015 Metro Atlanta

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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