TV Pilot Casting Call for a TON of Speaking Roles

TV Chicago, Illinois.

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming this month in Chicago, Illinois.

Producers are seeking the following types:

  • Ages 18 to 50
  • All Ethnicities
Details surrounding the TV pilot have not been released. To audition for a role in the upcoming TV Pilot, check out the casting call breakdown below.

TV Pilot Casting Call

REGULARS STELLA: African American Female, 18-22 y/o Against her wishes, she was voted prom queen. She is known as the leader of all things and always strives for greatness and the good for people, despite having to face her own personal struggles. She is in a relationship with Mason. Stella is a Freshman Bio-Chemistry Major. BROOKLYN: Mixed Race Female, 18-22 y/o If she got a passing grade, Brooklyn didn’t care about an A. She is an actress, literally, and always has goaled herself for being on the big screen. Known for her wild antics and sharp tongue, Brooklyn still manages to defeat herself with her parents' fresh divorce and her sister's new Muslim marriage. Brooklyn is a Freshman Theatre Major. PRISCILLA: Hispanic Female, 22-25 y/o Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Priscilla is looking for a fresh start for her and her family. Tired of the same scene, Priscilla is a Junior transfer who is known for her family first, thought provoking attitude. She is always willing to try new things. Priscilla is a Psychology Major. ANGELA: Female, any race, 25-30 y/o All the way from Los Angeles, CA, Angela had to start college late due to family issues. She is an RA at the University for the perks of the job but continues to face financial struggles. Angela takes on a second “nightly job” to make ends meet. She is a Senior Criminal Justice Major. MASON: Caucasian Male, 18-22 y/o Known for his muscular physique and charming attitude, Mason is facing one of the most daunting tasks: caring for his cancer-stricken mother. Always protecting his girlfriend Stella in the best way possible, Mason always tries to do the right thing, but often fails. Mason is a Freshman Business Marketing Major. CHARLIE: Asian Male- Ages 20-25 y/o Born to once a well-known Hollywood producer, Charlie is now only allowed to speak to his father through a prison phone. Starting to discover elements of his father in him, Charlie is struggling to clean up his image or become a reincarnation in his own right. Charlie is a Sophomore Mass-Media Production Major. RECURRING ELLIE: Female, Open Ethnicity, 18-22 y/o Always conniving to get what she wants; the rumors never seem to stop swirling throughout various social circles. Best friends with Stella, Ellie’s choice of words and actions to others never seem to come short of shocking. Ellie is an Education Major. MIA & MADISON(Twins): Female, Any race, 18-22 y/o The trouble causing duo never seems to stop being the end of people’s jokes. With Mia being more tamed than Madison, one twin's actions seem to always rub off on the other. Mia is an Accounting Major while Madison majors in Physical Therapy. REBECCA: Female, any race, 35-55 y/o Rebecca is President of the University. Her sharp wit and strong tongue always knows when to deliver impactful justice at the right time. ADAM: Male, any race, 18-22 y/o Jesse’s roommate. A stoner with no remorse for his actions, not even if they affect him. MYLES: Male, any race, Ages 40-55 y/o Professor at the University who serves as a reality check to the students and at sometimes as a confidant for their personal struggles. MICHAEL: Male, any race, 55-65 y/o With his kids grown and having a family of their own and his wife having recently passed, Michael has set out to complete the journey he never finished: college. SUPPORTING LARISSA: Caucasian Female, 40-50 y/o Larissa is Brooklyn’s Mom. KATHERINE: Asian Female, 40-50 y/o Charlie’s Mom. LUCY: Female, any race, 25-30 y/o Jesse’s Co-Worker CARMEN: Female, any race, 25-30 y/o Jesse’s Co-Worker NATASHA: Female, any race, 30-45 y/o Jesse’s Manager PAUL: Asian Male, 45-55 y/o Charlie’s Father ALFONSO: African American Male, 45-50 y/o Brooklyn’s Father JOSEPH: Male, any race, 40-50 y/o Alexa’s Dad AARON: Male, any race, 20-23 y/o Mia and Madison’s Brother Please send photos and basic info to mcchicagocastin[email protected] thanks!! Subject: (Role)5Year Example: STELLA5Year

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