TV Movie “Start Up (aka Diggy Simmons Project)” Casting Call Various Roles Available

#CastingCall - TV Movie “Start Up (aka Diggy Simmons Project)” (Atlanta)

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Casting directors are now accepting submissions for a Made-For-TV-Movie entitled "Start Up" also known as the Diggy Simmons Project. This movie is about a handsome 18 year old college student named Blake, played by rapper / reality star Diggy Simmons. Blake, along with his best friends Manuel “Manny” Diaz (Allen Maldonado), a slick talker with a thick NY accent, Derrick “Dot” Brown (Chris Brew) who is a tech geek, and Manny’s beautiful sister Tiana “Tae” Diaz (Teyana Taylor) started a blog in Junior High School called The Good Life. Skip to many years later, the popular blog has incited a riot on Blakes college campus so his parents have kicked him out of the house. He’s gone to NY (from Atlanta) to hang with his friends and try to get his blog a wider audience. Along the way the tight crew, often naive in business but street smart, attempts to make a name for their start up company but encounter “investors” who are not as they seem. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS MOVIE IS SET IN NY!!! None of the characters appear in the south.

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Extra Submission Information

Being an Extra is an exciting opportunity to gain set experience in film and television. It requires a full commitment of both time and professionalism, as with any job. The TV movie “The Start Up” is seeking male and female extras ages 18 and older. Filming will take place in Atlanta, GA, October 2012. The Extra rate is $75.00/8 hours (extras are guaranteed 8 hours.) The Specialty Extra rate is $125/12 hours. REQUIREMENTS: *Must be available for 12-14 hour days if booked. *Must be 18 or older. *Must have set etiquette and a professional work attitude. *Must have a flexible schedule. *Please note, you must be legal to work in the US with a working Social Security number. If you are selected to work as an extra, you will need to bring a valid government issued ID with proof of age. Please visit our Necessary Identification for Payment page for more details. The following talent is requested: Extra roles – Rate $75/8 hours (with an 8 hour guarantee): We seeking extras of all ethnicities for all roles listed below. *Young hipsters, eclectic, eccentric, unique looks, ages 18-28 *Fashionable executives, very stylish corporate types *Lawyers, corporate type extras *Bartenders, wait staff, cocktail waitresses *Club bouncer, security types *Foreigners - Rastas, Muslims, Hasidic Jews, all ethnicities (we are looking for people with strong cultural identities) *Upscale nightclub patrons, ages 25-40 *Street and park extras, all looks, ages 18-60 Specialty Extra Roles – Rate $125/12 hours: *Asian Female DJ, ages 18-30 (you do not need to be a real DJ) *Model extras, runway, swimsuit, male and female, all ethnicities, ages 18-30 *DJ with experience and equipment *Female professional dancers, ages 18-30 (please send photo in swimsuit) *Albino male extra with a bodyguard look, ages 25-45 (this would be a reoccurring role) *Bodyguard, bouncer types (this would be a reoccurring role) *Sign spinner, very skilled with experience Male Models for Club Scene For "The Start Up", we are seeking featured male models, Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic, ages 21-31, to work in a club scene on Wednesday and Thursday, 10/3/12 and 10/4/12. You must be available for both days. The rate is $125.00/12 hours.Please go to, click on the label Submissions and select Extras. Please list "10/3 and 10/4 Model" in the Special Skills or Talent box. HOW TO SUBMIT: Please go to, click on the label Submissions and select Extras. Once there, you will be prompted to enter all of your information and attach your photos. Please list any specific extra roles that you are submitting for in the Special Skills or Talent box. Thank you, we look forward to receiving your submissions! Heather Hylton Bivens – Extras Casting Director Emily Mask – Extras Casting Associate Principal Actor ROLE BREAKDOWN: [JACKSON (MINOR)> Co-Star / Male / 9-12 / African American Jackson is the 10 year old little brother to Blake. Jackson is a wise kid who recognizes his brother is in big trouble and needs to get his life together. Blake got kicked out of school because he unintentionally started a riot that got him kicked out of school because of his blog. Wardrobe: Jeans, t-shirt. [RYAN GREENE] Co-Star / Male / 19 / Caucasian Ryan, 19 years old, Jewish and is Dot’s college roommate at NYU. He is described as gangly and smokes a bong, however he is pre-law and his father is a big-time lawyer. Ryan later becomes Blake and his friends legal counsel in the selling of their blog in a major 6 figure deal. Ryan is not a nerd. He is smart enough but slightly awkward. He apologizes for using a sharpie to sign the contracts because “he has the hardest time holding onto pens.” For the 2nd scene, he is described as wearing an over-sized and boxy Men’s Warehouse suit. If you can bring something similar to the audition that would be great but it’s not required. NO MINORS FOR THIS ROLE!!! You must be 18 and older to PLAY 19. Wardrobe: Jeans, tshirt; Boxy jacket. [PROMOTER] Co-Star / Male / 19-23 / Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic The club promoter is described as an obnoxiously-trendy, pint-sized guy who snootily yells at a crowd of club goers. This is probably the only time in his life where he can feel important. Everyone looks to and tries to impress him so that they can get into a club. He yells at the crowd “Get off my sidewalk if you’re not on my list!” 1 line. Talent must be no taller than 5’7 or 5’8. Wardrobe: Obnoxiously-trendy. [CUTE GIRL] Co-Star / Female / 19-23 / Any Ethnicity This woman is standing in line at a club when Manny asks her whose name she is saying at the door to get in. Manny is impressed when she says his name, proving that his marketing strategy is working. He tells her to to enter the club and look for him and he’ll get her drinks. She smiles, goes inside then he jokingly tells his friends (behind her back) that he’s not buying her drinks. 1 line. Wardrobe: Sexy club attire. [GORILLA] Co-Star / Male / 20’s - early 30’s / Caucasian, African American This bouncer is described as and named Gorilla because of his big intimidating size and presence. Talent must be 6’ or taller and beefy with a commanding presence. Wardrobe: All black, stereotypical bouncer attire. [RHONDA] Co-Star / Female / 19-23 / Any Ethnicity Rhonda is described as a supermodel type at a popular and trendy, 24-hour diner NY diner. She is in an atmosphere that at 4:30am is raucous with hipsters, hot boys and “It” girls. Rhonda is definitely an “It Girl.” She is really feeling Dot but he’s oblivious. She approaches him at the diner and his friends think he’s the luckiest man in the world. Dot is still upset over his ex-girlfriend and as drop dead gorgeous as he is, he does not realize that he can have any woman he wants. NO MINORS!!! This is a great opportunity for a model who wants to act and has some experience/training in acting. Must also bring in a picture and resume. Wardrobe: NY Club attire w/ heels, trendy, sexy. [WHITE MAN] Co-Star / Male / 40’s - 50’s / Caucasian He is described as a middle-aged white business man who has had too much to drink at the 24-hour coffee shop; He approches Tae and thinks he knows her from somewhere. Tae, unbeknownst to her friends and family has been stripping in a club. The man knows her from there but can’t quite place her. Blake comes to Tae’s aide and the man shuffles off. Play him like he has a real buzz but not falling down sloppy drunk. Wardrobe: Business attire but loosened up for happy hour drinks. [CHARLES PLIES] Co-Star / Male / early 40’s / Caucasian Charles Plies is the SVP at Pally Agency which is a full-service, high fashion publicity agency and is Tae’s boss. Charles is described as exquisitely manicured from top to bottom, wearing Varvatos Jeans, Rag & Bone boots, and a handmade, Bespoke white dress shirt that costs more than most people’s mortgage. He is in great physical shape and goes to St. Tropez for Christmas. He and Tae flirt back and forth but she says to him “why don’t you hook me up with one of your single, rich, completely straight friends?” To that his reply (with a wink) is “who’s still completely straight?” You obviously do not have to wear expensive clothes, but dress the part. [CAB DRIVER] Co-Star / Male / 40’s - 50’s / Any Ethnicity This cab driver has Blake and Manny as passengers. The guys are trying to figure out where to go for the evening. Blake suggests Club Perfections, a popular strip club that is described as having wall-to-wall debauchery. The cab driver knowingly chimes in and says “that’s a nice place.” Manny grins, thinking to himself how does this guy know about Perfections - awesome!! Has 1 line. Wardrobe: NY city cab driver-esque attire. Simple look. [STRIPPER (NO NUDITY)] Co-Star / Female / 19 - late 20’s / African American, Hispanic, Mulatto, Mixed Race This stripper is described as being a VOLUPTUOUS STALLION. She dances at Club Perfections where the guys have gone to have a good time. The place is described as having wall-to-wall debauchery!! She approaches Dot and asks if she can give him a dance. There is no nudity, however, you should be comfortable in wearing skimpy clothing, heels, etc. Must be in great physical shape. Good opportunity for dancers and or models. 6 lines. Wardrobe: Leggings or shorts and heels. [HUSTLER #1 AND #2] Co-Star / Male / 19-25 / African American, Hispanic Hustler 1 & 2 arrive at Frankies 17 Sandwich Shop to grab a bite to eat. These blinged-out, uptown hustlers with tilted snap-back baseball caps and inappropriate summer “butter leather” jackets, test Blake’s nerves when they order their sandwich - is the bread fresh, when was it made, is the chicken free-range, does it bump up against pork, etc. Wardrobe: NY Hip hop, street attire, saggy jeans, b-ball cap. [ART DIRECTOR] Co-Star / Male / 30’s / Caucasian This man is the art director for Blurry Magazine, at top magazine that focuses on all things popular and fly. Blake, an intern at Blurry, ends up giving the art director very good suggestions and feedback on photos from a recent shoot. The art director agrees with with Blake and is impressed that such a young guy has a great creative vision. Wardrobe: Stylish casual work attire. Jeans ok. [RECEPTIONIST (V.O.)] Co-Star / Female / 19-25 / African American She informs Blake, an intern at Blurry Magazine, that he has a call on line one. [MR. BARTELL] Co-Star / Male / 49 / African American, Mulatto, Mixed Race He is described as Nia’s father who is stern and commanding. Nia, who is in love with Manny, takes him to meet her parents at their house for dinner. Mr. Bartell is the typical, over protective father who grills Manny. He doesn’t say it out loud, but he does not think Manny, who is a club promoter, is good enough for his beautiful college educated daughter. [MRS. BARTELL] Co-Star / Female / 47 / African American, Mulatto, Mixed Race She is described as Nia’s mother who is sweet but judgmental. Nia, who is in love with Manny, takes him to meet her parents at their house for dinner. Mrs. Bartell is the typical mother who does not think Manny, who is a club promoter, is good enough for her beautiful college educated daughter. [ROSIE (MINOR)] Co-Star / Female / 7-9 / African American, Mulatto, Mixed Race Rosie is Nia’s little sister. She thinks she’s helping Manny’s case for running a blog because her teacher made her do a blog for Social Studies. Nia’s parents are not impressed. [DYLAN SHEPHARD] Co-Star / Male / 35 / Caucasian Dylan is the EVP of sponsorship for Burrell. His company, which is the biggest black advertising company around, was brought in to underwrite a video shoot. Dylan tells the “money guys” where to spend their money. He compliments Blake on his idea for Racked Focus and likes that he is smart and modest. Dylan is business savvy and has an edgy feel but for a man in his mid-30’s. [WOMAN] Co-Star / Male / 30’s / Any Ethnicity She is a woman who works in a SoHo store (type is unknown) that Blake tries to get a job at after he loses his job at Blurry. 2 lines. Wardrobe: Trendy. [DVD GUY] Co-Star / Male / 25-35 / African American, Hispanic He is a guy selling bootlegged DVD’s on a SoHo street. He tells Blake that he has the new Avatar 2 movie for $20. After Blake tells him that the movie hasn’t even been shot yet, the DVD guy lowers the price to $10. Great opportunity for a comedian. [BOO] Co-Star / Male / 20’s - early 30’s / Caucasian, African American Boo is one of Keith’s security guards who is described as a grizzled mountain of a man, but is an eloquently speaking techie who was an engineering major at Cal Tech. He may look like a “big dumb guy” but he’s the smartest techie around. Talent need to be 6’ or taller and beefy with a commanding presence. Wardrobe: All black. [LAWYER] Co-Star / Male or Female / 40’s / Caucasian This is Keith’s lawyer who helps negotiate a deal with Blake and his writing team after Keith decides to purchase their blog “The Good Life”. 1 line. Wardrobe: Suit or professional attire. *** Interviews are done by appointment ONLY. ***   Casting Update October 14, 2012 For "The Start Up" we are seeking a very handsome and stylish caucasian male actor, age range 28-38, for a Specialty Extra role that would work on 10/20 and 10/21, in Atlanta, GA. The rate is $75.00/8 hours (with an 8 hour guarantee), however, there is a possibility that this role will be bumped to a Principal role. It is mandatory to have acting experience and an actor's resume to submit.   Casting Updated October 15, 2012 For "The Start Up" we are seeking male extras to work on Friday, 10/19/12, ages 18-60, all ethnicities, with a variety of looks. The rate is $75.00/8 hours with an 8 hour guarantee. Filming will be in Atlanta, GA. Please go to, click on the label Submissions and select Extras. Please list "10/19" in the Special Skills or Talent box. Please do not submit if you have already worked on "The Start Up."  

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