($5,000) Network TV Host Casting Call for Comic-Con and E3 Events

Major network is holding a nationwide casting call for a host to cover comic-con events.

Producers are looking for male and female hosts between the ages of 18 to 45 that have an interest and knowledge of pop-culture, entertainment, video games, and movies. Are you a big fan of comic-con? Can you read a teleprompter? Are you kind of nerdy? If so, this is a a huge opportunity. The network is paying the selected talent $3500 to $5000 per every event which is ongoing from June 7 to 10th and July 23 through July 27th. xboxe3 All travel expenses will be covered for the chosen host. Pay Rate: $3500-$5000 per event. MUST be available June 7 – 10 and July 23 – 27, as well as on an as-needed basis All travel expenses will be covered. HOSTS  Seeking dynamic HOSTS men and women, all ethnicities, appear to be age range 18-45 fluent in at least one of the following categories to be their on-air team covering E3 and Comic-Con 2014, as well as branded specials on-going. When submitting please let me know which is your strongest area. (1) video games and tech (2) comics, geek and pop culture (3) music, film/TV (4) Sports & Auto. Interested in experts as well as hosts/actors/comics who are passionate fans. All MUST have on-camera and LIVE TV experience + strong interview and teleprompter skills. Please include Social Media Stats instagram, facebook and/or twitter followers, do not send your page links, just the amount of followers you have. Will be sending sides to those pre-selected by director,  so you can send in your demo accordingly, if you have any now from another gig, please send that one along with headshot and whole body shot also. To Apply contact: [email protected] Don't forget to leave us a comment below! Source: Miami Talent Casting