"Timeless" Starring Liam Hemsworth is Now Casting Supporting Roles

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[Los Angeles>Liam Hemsworth is back! He has been cast as the lead in Relativity Media's romantic drama, Timeless, where Salt director Bill Kelly wrote the screenplay. Timeless features a man's effort to develop a scientific breakthrough that will allow him to go back in time to during the point his wife dies. Sunil Perkash and Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh are producing this film, and Relativity Media's president Tucker Tooley has announced that he will executive produce this film. So many film makers are arguing that this will be a movie of epic proportions due to the level of experience of the production team. Liam Hemsworth will be seen in the next Hunger Games in March and The Expendables 2 movie that appeared in August. Casting Directors are still casting various roles for this upcoming film! Take advantage of this opportunity Principal Actor Casting Information Engine Media Group: Anne McCarthy PO Box 1859 Venice, CA 90291 USA

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