"The Productive Lie" Casting Call for Speaking Roles in Atlanta, Georgia

Casting directors are now casting speaking roles for the upcoming SAG film, "The Productive Lie" in the Atlanta area.

Maria Howell, the amazing actress featured on hot programs such as Devious Maids, Revolution, and the upcoming The Hunger Games sequel is currently seeking talent for an upcoming SAG project, "The Productive Lie". According to the casting call, "The Productive Lie" centers on Chris Parks, a radio mechanic who starts a late-night radio station that ends up becoming really successful. But, despite the success Chris struggles financially. For more details and information see the casting call details below for more information:

"The Productive Lie" Casting Call

Here is the character breakdown for a project Maria Howell is working on! If you are interested in one of these roles, please contact her This is a great opportunity for you!

"The Productive Lie"



The Productive Lie is a story about Chris Parks, a mechanic in his 30’s who runs

a garage, by day and hosts an internet radio show (Powertalk-FM), by night.

Chris has grand ideas of taking his internet radio show to the FM dial in

syndication. He has been very successful gaining listeners all over the world,

and his following has just toppled over 1 million. There's just one problem...the

show is breaking him financially. He has an ex-wife who continually begs for

child support money, although they share joint custody. His friends/co-hosts

are all helpful in small ways, but they lack the same entrepreneurial drive that

Chris has. After swearing off dating and marriage for years, Chris has

unexpectedly met Morgan, the love of his life. As his love for her grows, he

begins to make plans...but she has plans of her own and is carrying around a

big LIE. Her lies and devious nature could cost Chris, the show...and his life.


MORGAN, (lead) African American female - 32-38

Morgan is a devious DIVA when she wants to be. She is Chris Parks' girlfriend

who can be bitchy when you pissed off. (41 scenes)

BRITTANY, (lead) African American female - 30's

Brittany is a co-host on the PT-FM radio show. Has feelings for Chris, and has a

hard time not sabotaging any romantic relationships that he gets involved in.

(41 scenes)

TC, (supporting) African American male with darker toned skin - 38-45

TC is the husband of Niecy he is in sales\entrepreneur he tries several ventures

to see which one will stick but never seems to be consistent. (41 scenes)

NIECY, African American female - 38–50

Niecy is the wife of TC and a few years older than him. She is the anchor for

her family, but lets TC think he is the man because that is the proper protocol.

Friends with Brittany and the PT-FM crew. (13 scenes)

OG, African American girl with chocolate skin 12-13

OG is the daughter of TC and Niecy. She is a daddy’s girl and friends with

Nichole. (4 scenes)

LATISHA, African American female - 32-38

Chris Parks' Ex-wife, who is more concerned about Chris getting child support

money to her on time, than the well-being of her child. She and Jayme (lesbian) are partners. (6 scenes)

KIM, Asian or Hispanic - 28-38

Kim is a co-host on the PT-FM radio show and friend of the group. She

sometimes serves as the voice of reason for Brittany. (12 scenes)


MICHELLE, African American female - 28-35

Michelle is married to Ray and is friends with Brittany and the PT-FM crew and

their wives. (8 scenes)

FELICIA, African American female - 30-38

Morgan’s "ride or die" friend, always ready to "figuratively" kill a man or lust

after him. (5 scenes)

MS. CRAVITS, African American female - 50+

She is a regular customer at the garage, as well as a "regular" with Bryan, the

owner. She lives in Chris' neighborhood and helps at the bus stop where Nichole

catches her ride to school. (3 scenes)

CYNTHIA, Caucasian female - 28-32

A co-worker and friend of Morgan's and is behind her, no matter what dirt she

plans to dish out. (6 scenes)

LISA, Caucasian female - 28-38

Lisa is sometimes the voice of reason, but is still in Morgan’s corner and "ride or

die" friends. She supports Morgan when she is right, not just because they are

friends. (3 scenes)

LESTER, African American male (fair skin) - 35-42

He is the ex-husband of Morgan and has been raising their 13 year old son since

they divorced 4 years ago. He informs Morgan that he is deploying to

Afghanistan, and she must take over the parenting duties for a while.

(3 scenes)

GALE, African American teenage male (fair skin) - 13-15

Son of Morgan and Lester, who has been raised by his father since his parents'

divorce 4 years ago. (2 scenes)

JAYME, Any ethnicity female - 35-40

She is the lesbian lover of Latisha and is the voice of reason for her, but still

loves to hate Latisha's ex-husband, Chris Parks. (3 scenes)

WAYNE, Caucasian male - 35-45

A regular customer at the garage. Openly gay, but turns completely straight

once he sees the drop dead gorgeous woman who appears in the garage, but

returns to being gay. Ends up working for Chris at the garage. (3 scenes)

RASHNA, Indian male - 28-30

Rashna has the look of an Indian\Pakistani but can sound like a "brother" at the

drop of a hat. He works at the pizza spot with TC. Able to speak with both Indian and Urban dialect. (3 scenes)


BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, African American\Mixed - 23-32

She is drop dead gorgeous and appears as a vision in the mind of Chris Parks.

She wears skimpy clothes, i.e. a cheerleader outfit. (3 scenes)

BILL, Caucasian male - 50+

He is the radio executive who gives Chris his syndication deal. (2 scenes)

LEFT HANDED MAN, Caucasian 28-38

This man is left handed and tries to get in a food line with all of the right

handed people. (2 scenes)

ANGELA, Any ethnicity female - 38-45

A regular listener\caller to the PT-FM radio show. She is very out spoken and

regularly disagrees with the host, Chris Parks (VO). (1 scene)

RAYNARD, Mixed male - 28-40

Raynard is a 6ft tall chef at an up and coming restaurant. (1 scene)

NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR, Any ethnicity female - 28-35

She is a drop dead gorgeous woman who bakes and delivers cookies to Chris.

(1 scene)

BUSINESS MAN #1, Caucasian - 45+

He shakes hands with Chris after the big luncheon. (1 scene)

BUSINESS MAN #2, Caucasian - 50+

He shakes hands with Chris after the big luncheon. (1 scene)

CAR DELIVERY MAN, Caucasian - 28- 38

Delivers Chris Parks his signing bonus (a car). (1 scene)

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