'The Coup' Starring Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan is Now Casting

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Upcoming in 2013 is an amazing thriller about a an American family that soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a revolution and frantically search for a safe escape out of the country. But they quickly find this very difficult where foreigners are immediately executed. I present you 'The Coup'. 'The Coup' will feature Michelle Monaghan, Owen Wilson, and Pierce Brosnan. This film will be directed by the legendary John Erick Dowdle who is famous for directing Quarantine, Devil, and developed the screenplay for numerous other films. Drew Dowdle and John Erick Dowdle together wrote the screenplay for 'The Coup' as well.

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Rizal Risjad, Steve Alexander, Drew Dowdle, Rob Paris and Adam Ripp are scheduled to produce this upcoming film. Rizal Risjad is famous for producing 'Gambit' which is expected to be released in 2013. Owen Wilson, who is currently filming, 'The Internship' with Vince Vaughn in Atlanta will have to quickly gear up from a comedy to this fast turning thriller. 'The Coup' is a Eagle Fims, Sierra/Affinity, and Crime Scene Pictures production and will be released in 2013. But filming will not begin until October 2012 in Thailand.

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