Tea Commercial Casting Call for Actors with Real British Accents (Pay is $5000)



Do you have a British accent? Upcoming tea commercial is now casting several speaking roles.

Jigsaw Casting is looking for actors with an authentic British accent for a tea commercial campaign in Toronto, Ontario. Casting directors are casting 7 roles including fisherman, kid roles, and other leading roles. Talents will be compensated between $2000 to $5000 for their work in the upcoming tea comemrcial.

How to apply:

Toronto Commercial Casting Call

Jigsaw Casting is seeking various BRITISH PEOPLE with an authentic BRITISH ACCENT for a non-union Tea Campaign in Toronto! Looking for the following roles: 1) Thomas Age range is 25­ to 35. Should look early 30’s. British man A character actor. Youthful, charming and handsome but approachable. Think Nicholas Hoult, Paul Dano, Paul Rudd. He’s an endearing visionary, an ambitious entrepreneur, a thoughtful dreamer with drive. He has a presence to him but he’s still down to earth, a man of the people. He’s not egotistical or extra fancy, never judgey or too good for his time. He’s simply eager to share his passion with the world. He will be wearing a wig in these spots. (this role appears in all 4 spots so his rate will be higher). 2) Englishman ‘Fish Bladder’ 40s - Middle ­aged Englishman with an authentic English accent. Age range is 40s. He is a bit rough around the edges. He’s a working man who loves to treat himself to fish bladder on rare, but special, occasions. 3) Englishwoman ‘Fish Bladder’ 40s - Age range is 40s. Middle ­aged English woman with an authentic English accent. She’s a wife and the home chef so she knows the delicacies of 18th century English cooking, like a roasted udder. Think Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey. 4) Englishwoman in her 20s - Age range is 20s. English woman with an authentic English accent. She’s a bit higher in social status, she’s not a stranger to the delicacies of 18th century English cooking, like a roasted udder. Because she has a cook who makes it for her. 5) English Boy ‘wee babes’ - Age 7 to 9 years old. English with an authentic British accent. 6) Counting Englishman ‘300 years’ - Age range is early 20s. English with an authentic accent. he’s got his whole life ahead of him. But it’s still not enough time to live to see wellness teas. Maybe he’s earnest and slightly goofy. Maybe a Neville Longbottom ­type. 7) Plagued Englishwoman, age range 30s. English with an authentic English accent. She is a bit odd and rarely speaks her mind but when she does it’s the completely wrong thing — like the plague. Previous acting experience is not required for roles 2 to 7. Role 1 - you must have acting experience to apply. If selected: Pay is approx $2,000 for roles 2 to 7. For role 1, pay is approx. $5,000 because he will be in 4 spots. If interested, please go here to apply: Deadline to submit - ASAP or before February 6 at 10am. You must be available for these key dates: AUDITION: February 7, 2019. CALLBACKS: February 11, 2019. SHOOT: February 17, 2019.

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Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description. What do you think? Discuss this story with other fans on Instagram @projectcasting