Stunt Coordinator Casting Call

Hiring Stunt Coordinator
Meagan Lewis from RPM Casting is currently casting for a stunt coordinator for work in New Orleans. "A stunt coordinator, usually an experienced stunt performer, is hired by a TV, film or theatre director or production company to arrange the casting (stunt players and stunt doubles) and performance of stunts for a film, television program or a live audience." (Wiki) In many situations, the stunt coordinator designs, creates, and choreographs the stunt sequence to suit the script and the director's vision. If you're a world-class athlete in a sport such as gymnastics, motocross, martial arts or an extreme sport, then stunt coordination may be the career for you. Stunt coordinators are former (or current) stunt people who help find other stunt people for various film, television or theatrical projects.

Meagan Lewis is casting for a stunt coordinator & is looking for African American stunt men to work in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you fit the bill please email your headshot and resume to:[email protected] and she will forward it along!
(Source: RPM Casting)
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