Starz Network Nationwide Casting Call: Auditions for Ballet Dancers

The Starz Network is creating a new series based on ballet dancers and is looking to cast real ballet dancers for the series. One of the open roles is the lead.

The casting directors for the network will be traveling nationwide to audition dancers. They will be in San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Miami, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles this month and next month. More cities and dates may be announced.

Houston: Sept. 22

San Francisco: Sept. 30, Oct. 1

Seattle: Oct. 2-3

Miami: Oct. 1-2

Chicago: Oct. 3-4

Boston: Oct. 4

Starz is running a nationwide talent search for classically trained ballet dancers that are capable of dancing at dance company level, real ballet dancers. The series will explore the world of professional ballet dancers and the darker underside of that world. The series is currently called “Untitled Ballet Project” and casting for the show is being handled by New York casting company Telsey and Company. The new Starz series is being produced by “Breaking Bad” co-executive producer Moira Walley-Beckett.


Ballet dancers must be 21 or over and the notice states that nudity will be required. The company is casting both male and female dancers for this project and the roles they are casting are listed below. BALLET DANCERS FOR THE LEADS IN A NEW DRAMATIC SCRIPTED SERIES Episodic dramatic series that centers on a young female ballet dancer with a troubled past who joins a ballet company in New York. This dark and gritty project will explore the dysfunctional underbelly of the ballet world.


CLAIRE: Female, Caucasian, 21 years old. Series lead. Must dance at a company ballerina level. Claire is beautiful, delicate, soulful and serious. Prototype: Polina Semionova. MIA: Female, any ethnicity, 22 years old. Series regular. Must dance at a company ballerina level. Mia is cute, feisty and the polar opposite of Claire. She’s comfortably brassy — no filter — and says whatever is on her mind. She’s an NYC native who loves to talk and has a dry, charming and honest sense of humor. Nudity and sexuality required. DAPHNE: Female, any ethnicity, 24 years old. Series regular. Must dance at a company ballerina level. Daphne is gorgeous, smart, confident, relaxed and possesses a wry sense of humor. Daphne is worldly and owns her power as a woman — she is not someone who can be taken advantage of. Nudity and sexuality required. KIIRA: Female, any ethnicity, (open to accents) 31 years old. Series regular. Must dance at a company ballerina level. Kiira is the prima ballerina of the company. She is nervous on the inside and terrified of “aging out” as a ballerina but she maintains an ice princess demeanor. She’s used to being the favorite and she’s used to being the star. Nudity and sexuality required. ROSS: Male, any ethnicity, (open to accents) 26 years old. Series regular. Must dance at a company level. Ross is a Principal dancer in the company and confident as hell. He’s used to getting everything he wants and he’s cocky and knows how to turn on the charm. Nudity and sexuality required. TREY: Male, any ethnicity (open to accents), 25 years old. Series regular. Must dance at a company level. Trey is a soloist in the company. He’s openly gay and a lot of fun. He doesn’t pull any punches and loves to gossip. Nudity and sexuality required. Claire is supposed to be the lead female role for the series.

If you cannot make it to one of their open calls, they will be accepting submissions via email by way of a resume and a video link. Before you can audition to be in the show, you must first register here.

Please watch these videos for an example of what they are looking for: