Casting Calls'Sinister 2' Casting Call for Talented Actresses, Teens and Senior Citizens in...

‘Sinister 2’ Casting Call for Talented Actresses, Teens and Senior Citizens in Chicago


‘Sinister 2' Casting Call for female actors in Chicago

Sinister 2‘ will start filming this Summer and will be the sequel to Scott Derrickson's Sinister made $77 million on a small budget of only $3 million. Scott Derickson will team up with C. Robert Cargill in the new sequel as Cargill will write the sequel's screenplay.

In ‘Sinister‘,  played a crime novelist struggling to find his next big story but discovers a box of home videos showing several families brutally murdered. His investigation leads him to a entity that may be placing his on family in danger.

Casting directors are for a female actress in their 30s to 40s and over 200 pounds to work on ‘Sinister 2‘. Casting directors are looking for Caucasian Senior Citizens and teenagers that are between 5'6 to 5'9 to work on the upcoming .

Filming will take place in Chicago, . For more details check out the casting call and audition information below:

‘Sinister 2' Casting Call

Featured Role

Casting Alert! Searching for a female, 30's/40's, caucasian over 200lbs to work our other show. If you can work please send in your photograph to [email protected] and put “Female 8.19” in the subject line. Include your height, weight, age, and phone number. Thanks!

Extras Casting Call

Casting Alert! For tomorrow on our other show we need Caucasian Senior Citizens, rural looking for a shoot. We also need rural looking 40 year old men. If you can work tomorrow please send in ASAP to [email protected] and put “SS 8.18” in the subject line. Include your height, weight, age, and phone number.

Casting Call

CASTING ALERT for our other show! PLEASE only submit for this if you are LOCAL TO CHICAGO. Meaning, LESS than a two hour commute by car. We cannot accept submissions from anyone that is in LA, Atlanta, etc.

We are looking for a few more teens to come in and audition for a very featured spot.

We need larger/overweight, CAUCASIAN BOYS, 13-15, to submit ASAP. You MUST have dance experience (no matter how small) to be considered. If you have a child that is able to miss some school if cast please submit an email to [email protected] with the subject E BOY. Include your child's NAME, AGE, HEIGHT, and WEIGHT, as well as YOUR NAME, and PHONE NUMBER. Also include a few RECENT and CLEAR pictures, so we can see who it is we want to bring in!

We are also looking for a few CAUCASIAN BOYS to come in for an audition. Preferably 13-16, 5'6″ to 5'9″. Tall and thin is what we're going for. If your child is available, please submit an email to [email protected] with the subject TALL BOY. Include your child's NAME, AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, also YOUR NAME, and PHONE NUMBER.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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