Short Film Atlanta Casting Call for Principal Roles

Short Film Casting Call

Looking for your next audition?

New Life Casting is now casting principal roles for a short film filming in Atlanta, Georgia on July 16th through the 17th. Video Submissions should be in no later than Thursday, July 7 at 5:00 pm. To audition for the short film, check out the casting call details below.

Atlanta Casting Call

NLC is helping a friend cast some principal roles in a short film being shot on July 16-17 in Fayetteville. Video Submissions should be in no later than Thursday, July 7 at 5:00 pm. Please send to [email protected]. Put the character you are auditioning for in the subject matter. Below are the character descriptions. Call backs will be Sat. July 9. Please be sure to slate with your phone number. This is a non-union job. There are sides. Please request a copy at [email protected]
Pete - (M) mid 20s-40s. Any race. Inner toughness, darkness, grit. Pete has lived a tough life. He has a hard heart and doesn't yet see the depth of pain he has caused to those round him. Like many addicts, his focus is always on himself and how to get his next fix. Has a heart of gold that is buried deep, deep down. Judy - (F) late teens -70 years old. Any race. Believable as someone who would work at a shop in a small town. Judy has some sass. She is not completely jaded, as her hard shell dissolves to reveal a soft heart for the people struggling with addiction. There will be undertones of flirty (played more overtly like "amused") no matter what age we cast, as any warm human interaction is welcomed in a small town. Sheriff Collins - (M/F) 50s-70s. Any Race. Grizzled, believable as a sheriff in a small town. Hard exterior, likes to be in control of town. Has a tough face, but is probably a great parent of grown children or grandparent. Carol (mom) - (F) 40s-60s (race and age difference should match Pete and Tim). Petite, frail, tired. Mom haircut, like a woman who has not had the energy for self-care. She is worn down by a tough twenty-some years of having a child that is an addict. Uncle Tim - (M) 40s-60s (race and age difference should match Pete and Mom). Has spent most of his life avoiding confrontation, but his love for his sister combined with being at the end of his rope with his nephew prompt a firm and fair response. Tim finds strength deep within himself and is willing to be the forceful love to his floundering nephew. Strong yet kind.

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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