Shonda Rhimes' New Netflix Series is a REAL Scandal

Netflix is partnering up with Shonda Rhimes to make a new streaming series on New York's recent story of Anna Delvey.

According to Deadline, the new series will center around Anna Sorokin, the Russian native was profiled by New York's Jessica Pressler after being arrested last year following years of lying about her wealth and background within New York City's elite social sphere. The Rhimes TV series will be written by the Scandal creator and is the first project in her new deal with Netflix, which was first announced in August. It is also a major departure from her deal with ABC, where her television shows have been airing for years. The show will also feature Neff Davis, a former concierge at the hotel Delvey scammed New York's social elites. An aspiring filmmaker herself, Davis tweeted that she'd be involved in the project on Friday night, writing "I am beyond excited to be able to be under Shonda’s wings. A true Shero for me. Thank you all for believing in me!" Read the original New York story here. Related:

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