Robert Rodriguez's 'From Dusk Till Dawn' Casting Call for Photo Doubles in Austin Texas

Casting directors are seeking photo doubles to work on From Dusk Till Dawn filming in Austin Texas.

From Dusk Till Dawn is a new television series based on the 1996 film of the same name.
 From Dusk Till Dawn director Robert Rodriguez unveiled plans for the show a couple of months ago, while also unveiling plans for an entire new cable network aimed at young-adult audiences called El Rey, which he has co-created, partnering with Univision Communications Inc.
The English-language El Rey – which is set to premiere this December nation-wide with initial carriage via Comcast – would air From Dusk Till Dawn as its first scripted series. Robert Rodriguez, is heavily involved in getting the network off the ground, will be writing, producing and directing the From Dusk Till Dawn series himself. The series will expand on the story and characters from his original film and providing more Aztec mythology. There has not been a report if the two sequels will be included in the television series since, Robert Rodriguez only worked as a producer on those projects.
Still interested, see the following casting call information below for more details.
Beth Sepko Casting & Third Coast Extras posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook Page:

From Dusk Till Dawn TV Series Casting Call Information

Seeking some VERY specific types to work as photo doubles on the new FROM DUSK TILL DAWN TV Series Directed by Robert Rodriguez during November 2013- exact shoot dates are TBD, but these roles work as early as tomorrow so flexible schedule is needed. -READ CAREFULLY PLEASE BEFORE YOU SUBMIT & SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO FITS THESE DESCRIPTIONS!- 1. Caucasian male, 45+, short graying hair, athletic build, height 5'10''- 6' with sizes matching or near the following: Jacket Size: 42R Shirt Size: Medium / Large Neck Size: 16 Sleeve Length: 34 Shoe Size: 11 Pants: 34x32 2. Caucasian male, 18-30, shoulder length brown hair, slim build, height 5'10''- 6' with sizes matching or near the following: Jacket: 38 Pants: 29x32 Shoe Size: 10.5 You'll need flexible schedules w/ ability to clear your schedule for the WHOLE day and/or night that we book you to work (we don't get call times or map until the night before a shoot!) & you'll need to have your own reliable transportation to get to the sets- either in Austin or outside of town on location. Minimum pay guarantee for photo doubles is $150/12hr. If a shoot goes past 12 hours, overtime pay kicks in. To submit, email us at: [email protected] w/ subject heading "FDTD Photo Double 1" or "FDTD Photo Double 2" depending on which one you are applying for and follow directions below exactly: Include name, age, phone #, height/weight, jacket size, collar size, pants size (waist/inseam), and shoe size. Attach plenty of clear, well-lit, current photos in high resolution - including both close up photos and full length photos that show your body. IMPORTANT: Must be Texas resident w/ valid Texas ID who lives in (or at least nearby) to Austin, TX since shoots days can change at the last minute. Please don't submit if you're not local to the area or nearby. Even if you've submitted or worked with us on a previous project, please follow directions and submit again for this project. We want your most updated info & current photos to show Director Thanks! ~Third Coast Extras