Report: Harrison Ford Could Have Died in 'Star Wars' Accident

Star Wars' Harrison Ford could have died in on set incident.

Harrison Ford could have reportedly been killed when he was crushed by a hydraulic door on set of the on set of the Millennium Falcon spaceship while filming the most recent Star Wars movie, according to reports. While filming at Pinewood Studios in London Ford was reprising his role as Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Two years ago he was knocked to the ground and the heavy door of the Millennium Falcon crushed the actor. Ford sustained severe injuries from the incident, including a broken left leg. The company responsible for the accident, Foodles Production, pleaded guilty to two charges. From the Guardian:

However, Milton Keynes magistrates court heard how the hydraulic spaceship door was operated by another person and that as the actor passed beneath it, he was hit hard in the pelvis and pinned to the floor. Ford was then airlifted to hospital in Oxford.

Andrew Marshall, prosecuting, said the breaches had caused a “risk of death” and that if the emergency stop had not been pressed in time, it could have been a very different outcome for Ford. “It could have killed somebody. The fact that it didn’t was because an emergency stop was activated,” he said.

Last December, Ford explained what happened. Ford said: “Now we had lots of money and technology and so they built a fucking great hydraulic door which closed at light speed and somebody said, ‘Ooh I wonder what this is?’ “And the door came down and hit me on my left hip because I was turned to my right. And then it flung my left leg up and it dislocated my ankle and as it drove me down to the floor, my legs slapped on the ramp up to the Millennium Falcon and broke both bones in my left leg.” Ford later recovered from the injuries in time to complete his role in the film. Foodles, which is owned by Disney, is expected to be sentenced on August 22nd. A spokeswoman said the company had cooperated fully with the investigation. “The safety of our cast and crew was always a top priority throughout the production,” it said. Via The Guardian Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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