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Do you want to be involved in the production process? Do you love what happens behind the scenes? Well every story has a beginning. Project Casting will soon feature internships and job opportunities for those in the entertainment industry but outside of the realm of acting, or singing. We will highlight upon some of the latest and best internship or production opportunities. From make up artist positions, to production assistants, to video editing internships. We will feature and keep you highlighted on the latest internships, and job opportunities.

Are You New to the Entertainment Industry?
Here is a list of job descriptions to give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes
Typically an Anchor or Presenter works in front of Television and radio stations. They introduce a particular program or host an interview, anchors read the news, and report on issues and events. Interestingly, as the number of channels and radio stations increase, so do the openings, but opportunities are competitive.
1st Assistant Director
The 1st Ad or First Assistant Director (AD) is the director's right hand man, taking care of all the responsibilities allowing the director to concentrate on the creative process. Especially during pre-production, the First Assistant Director breaks down the script into a shot by shot storyboard and work closely with the director in order to determine the shoot order, and how long it will take to film each scene.
2nd Assistant Director
The 2nd AD or Second Assistant Director would be the assistant to the first assistant director. The second AD's main job responsibility is to make sure that the first assistant director's job and directions are fulfilled. The second assistant director typically has two main job responsibilities during production. The second AD prepare and draw up the 'call sheet', oversee the movement o the cast, and ensure that all the principal actors are being taken care of.
Assistant to Producer
The Assistant to the Producer is the person who works closely with the producers during the production process. They are typically involved in pre-production and post production. They must be organized, flexible, and have a good idea of the production process. The producer will determine the responsibilities for the assistant to carry throughout production on a day to day basis.
Camera Assistant (1st)
When characters in films run out of a burning building or simply walk across a room to open the door, they are usually moving closer or further away from the camera. This means that the focal length — the distance of the camera lens from the subject — is constantly changing. Adapting or "pulling" focus to accommodate these changes is the main responsibility of the 1st Assistant Camera (AC).
A Composer will need to write music to suit the mood and action in a TV, film drama or documentary. They will need to compose, perform, arrange, and then work with producers to rearrange, and rearrange as they change and finalize the film. You will usually have to submit an initial pitch which is mostly unpaid.
The Costume Department is responsible for the design, fitting, hire, purchase, manufacture, continuity and care of all costume items on feature films. The term 'Costume' refers to the clothes that the actors wear, and these differ enormously from production to production, ranging from contemporary urban fashion to period ball gowns, and even wetsuits.
Office P/A
A PA is a person responsible for various odd jobs, which could include such disparate tasks as running errands, stopping traffic, acting as couriers, fetching items from craft service, etc. Tasks and levels of responsibility can vary greatly, depending on the film, the needs of the rest of the team, and the skills of the individual PA themselves. Production Assistants are often attached to individual actors or filmmakers.  
We will keep you updated on all the latest production positions in the TV, Film, and entertainment industry.
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