Casting CallsPast Sunrise Feature Film Casting Call for Leading Roles

Past Sunrise Feature Film Casting Call for Leading Roles


Morgan recently posted the following for the SAG Feature Film “Past Sunrise” filming in Toronto, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are casting leading roles and a of other positions.

Past Sunrise Feature Film Casting Call

Casting a SAG Feature Film shooting in Toronto, Canada and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ! Casting in May. The film is due to shoot Nov/Dec

Looking for strong actors plus any real DJ's up for going it a go!


A jarring glimpse into the life of one of America's top DJs during one month in Rio…before he was famous.

Since Evan was a child, his have sheltered him from the world in order to harness his gift for mathematics. Plagued by intense social disorder, his life has been constrained by routine and familiarity. Now about to start , he is destined for a mundane career crunching numbers for some accounting firm.
Unknown to his parents, Evan's older brother Cole opens up a completely new universe to him with electronic music. Inspired, Evan secretly becomes absorbed in the process of creating his own. With Cole's hustle, Evan is discovered by a prominent booking agent and must choose between the scholarship waiting for him or a one-month residency in Rio de Janeiro that could possibly launch a career.

Once in Rio, the pulsating beat of drugs, sex, and an unrelenting electronic music scene quickly push them up against the raw edge of South America's most exotic and violent capital. Desperate and cut-off, Evan must learn to overcome the limits of his condition or crumble against the army of forces determined to pull him back to the life he was supposed to choose.

Casting for Evan and Cole. Looking for proven track record actors.

Talent Specs

Evan is the DJ. Held back by severe social anxiety disorder and ODC, he has been living in a safety net predetermined by others, this is his first chance to experience the unknown and risk everything for a chance at something he might love.

Male. Looks 18-22. Slender. Any DJ experience is a plus! Please note on submission notes. Reference actors are: Jamie Bell, , Nicholas Hoult, Daniel Radcliffe, Vincent Kartheiser,, Michael Angarano, Macaulay Culkin, Tom Falton.

Evan's older brother. Cocky, funny, loud, and lovable. He is the real force and hustle behind Evan. He is Evan's true believer and is constantly pushing him beyond his comfort zone. A lost dreamer of sorts, Cole dropped out of school and has jumped from one ‘entrepreneurial' venture to the next.
Male. Looks 19-25. Good-looking. Reference actors are Shia Lebouf, Dave Franco, Garret Hedlund, Alex Pettyfer, Ian Somerhalder, Wentworth Miller

Email to [email protected]om

Please send photo and resume + contact number and city, state/province in which you reside.


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