Open Casting Call for the Feature Film Triflin

*WHEN:          Saturday, March 16, 2013 From Noon To 6pm WHERE:        Morris Brown College Gymnasium, 643 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Atlanta, GA  30314 BRING:         Headshot with Acting Resume or Recent Photo, Pen/Pencil.SEEKING ACTORS FOR LEAD AND SUPPORTING ROLES LISTED BELOW.  ADDITIONALLY SEEKING ALL TYPES, ETHNICITIES AND AGES FOR ADDITIONAL SUPPORTING AND DAYPLAYER ROLES NOT LISTED. UNION AND NON-UNION ACTORS MAY SUBMIT. * *

TRIFLIN* Feature Film / SAG-AFTRA (SAG terms) Ultra Low Budget Director:  Michael "Boogie" Pinckney Writer: Clayton Davis Producer: Clayton Davis Casting Director:  Winsome Sinclair Shoot dates: April 1-20, 2013 Shoot location: Atlanta *


  • BUDDY ROGERS: *African-American male late 30s, militant minded, rude, loud.
  • *RAT:*  African-American male late 20's, sneaky, contraband expert, always scheming, not trustworthy
  • *YELLA: *African-American male late 30's, former street goon turned college student, not too bright, talks in his own language, still street minded.
  • *SHAY:*  African-American female, 19 yers old, Yella's sister.
  • *KRISTEN*:  Any ethnicity female, 20 yrs old, pretty.
  • *NO NECK: * African-American male late 20's, has a huge stuttering problem,
  • not too bright, just there to be there
  • *DEAN PURIFOY:  *African-American female early/mid 40’s, Very
  • high-powered/stern, Ivy league background, takes no prisoners.
  • *MARTY:  *African-American male late 30's, lazy, fat and out of shape.
  • *RICKY: *African-American male late 30's, lazy, skinny build.
  • *EMIR: * Indian/Middle Eastern male, late teens/early 20's, nerdy, smart.
  • *DANIEL:* Caucasian male, early 20’s, hippie type, smart.
  • *PROFESSOR BROWN: * Black male late 20's/early 30's, Smart, handsome, educated, has it going on
  • *CHICKEN PIMP: *Black male late 30's, loud, obnoxious, ex-con, nickel and dime hustler
  • *GLORIA ANDERSON: *Black female early 50's, High-powered, educated, takes no prisoners
  • *WILLIE SAM ANDERSON: * Black male late 50's, funny, jokester, says whatever comes to his mind, sort of losing his mind
  • *PROFESSOR TIDWELL: *Black male late 50's, very articulate, wise,intellectual


Super Senior BARON (B.A.) Anderson is once again looking to graduate from the Historically Black University, Horne College. The difference this time is he’s faced with serious repercussions if he doesn’t get his life/act together.He and his childhood friend, ROD JENKINS (the ninth year freshman,) are notorious for taking full advantage of the University’s lax disciplinary system.
They are also known for smoking a little more pot than the average weed head, and throwing the sickest parties on campus. But, with the induction of new Dean of Students, DR. ANGELA PURIFOY, comes a strict zero tolerance for such behavior. Not only is she on a die-hard mission to kick them out the school, but B.A.’s past actions have also lead him to a crossroads with his longtime girlfriend, MARIAH DOUGLASS. *
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